Winco Manager Salary

Winco is a supermarket chain based in Boise, Idaho founded in 1967 by Ralph Ward and Bud Williams under the name Waremart. The company is an employee owned supermarket and opened their 68th store in 2009. The name of the company stands for “Winning Company” which was voted by the employee in 1999.

Winco heavily values its employees. The manager provides great assistance and guidance to each individual staff. The manager provides training and development program for the employees to make sure that they work efficiently by understanding their roles and responsibilities. The basics are the most important foundation employees can have.

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The manager should provide assistance to customers and guarantee that their shopping experience is hassle free and very convenient. The customers are needed to be attended to if they have questions and concerns regarding the products and the store layout which will help them in locating the items they need.

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Store Manager

  • Salary: Depending on the experience, store managers are able to get anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000.
  • Bonuses: There are no options to receive cash bonuses if the employee gets this position.
  • Profit Sharing: The company does not offer provide shared profits.
  • Stock Options: Stock options are also not considered for employees holding this position.

Assistant Manager

  • Salary: Assistant managers get $25,000 to $30,000; previous experience plays a big factor how much the managers get.
  • Bonuses: Cash bonuses are not provided by the company
  • Profit Sharing: This position is not entitled to have profit sharing.
  • Stock Options: Also like profit sharing, the company does not provide stock options.

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