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History of Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo & Company is a diversified financial services company, standing as the seventh biggest bank holding company in the United States as of 2000. The company’s community banking operations serve almost 11 million customers through more than 3,000 bank branches in 23 states, most of which are in the western United States,Ohio being the easternmost state of operation. Wells Fargo is the nation’s number one home mortgage lender, with above 1,200 ‘stores’ serving all 50 states.

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The company is one of the top cross-sellers of financial services in the country, proposing credit cards, personal loans, wealth management services, and insurance. Business oriented services consist of commercial banking services, lending, investment banking, venture capital, and equipment leasing. Wells Fargo is one of the leaders in the realm of online banking, having become the primary major financial services firm to offer Internet banking back in 1995.

Job Description/Average Wage

Teller: As the company’s Teller you will be given checks, cash, bankcards or other negotiable instruments in imbursement of fees or charges, verifies amounts and endorsements and issues receipts. Accepts checks for cashing, verifies endorsements and suitability as well as makes change. Other responsibilities include:

  • Enters operation data on accounting system terminal, consults database to make sure status of financial accounts or else confirm information when necessary.
  • Counts cash drawer upon opening to verify amount, guarantees sufficient cash is kept in drawer for every day needs by ordering from vault.
  • Helps with related activities such as night deposits, check disbursements, collections or similar duties.
  • Conducts a selection of customer service tasks which may comprise providing account balances, transferring funds, tracking deposits and various record changes.
  • Sustains and accounts for cash drawer and daily transactions, reports discrepancies.

The average wage is around $9to $14 an hour.

Credit Manager: The Credit Manager position is responsible for the whole credit granting process, including the reliable application of a credit policy, periodic credit reviews of existing customers, and the assessment of the credit worthiness of possible customers, with the goal of optimizing the mix of company sales and awful debt losses. Principal accountabilities include:

  • Sustain the corporate credit policy.
  • Advocate changes in the credit policy to senior management.
  • Make a credit scoring model.
  • Supervise customer credit files.
  • Supervise the credit granting and updating process.

The annual average pay for this position is $28,000 to $42,000.

Project Manager: As the Project Manager you will have to administer more than one project at a time. The candidate should see to it that all the projects under his / her management are going on smoothly. It should not happen that a project manager focuses on one project and neglects the others. The candidate should have the aptitude to shift between various projects. The project manager is accountable to look after every detail of the project. The planning process involves forming a team of experts required for effective completion of the project. He/She / she has to state the point of the whole project and assign the team members specific roles. Another accountability of the project manager is to plan out the resources needed for the project and chart out a budget plan.

Expected annual salary is within the range $55,000 to $130,000.

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  • Paid time off
  • Matched 401(k) plan
  • Discounts & savings wellness benefits
  • Commuter benefits
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Adoption reimbursement
  • Scholarships for dependent children

How to apply

Join a company that values you. Take your career as far as your objective and aspiration carry you. The customer focused work culture at Wells Fargo heartens innovation and rewards performance. Join the Wells Fargo team today.



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