Victoria’s Secret Stores Job Application

History of Victoria’s Secret Stores

Victoria’s Secret is an American seller of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products.It is the biggest segment of publicly-traded Limited Brands with sales of more than US$5  billion and operating revenue of $1  billion in 2006.Victoria’s Secret is recognized for its yearly fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and for its catalogs, both of which feature top fashion models.

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Victoria’s Secret was established during the year 1977 as San Francisco, California by Roy Raymond. Roy Raymond felt embarrassed when he bought lingerie for his wife. That reason leads him to create a store which is comfortable for men to pick styles rather than being embarrassed. After five years of work and expansion, Roy Raymond sold the company Leslie Wexner, who is the creator of The Limited. The styles and designs of Victoria’s Secret were unchanged and intact throughout the years. Until recent time, Victoria’s Secret is still undergoing large expansions and development and is known worldwide.

Job Description and Average Wage

Sales Associate: As a sales associate, you are expected to be very knowledgeable when it comes to trading and maintaining the stocks. Since you deal more with the company’s sales, you are responsible for controlling the stock exchanges of the company. Also, you are responsible in increasing the sales of the company in the market. You are paid in an hourly basis and the average wage that you could get will range from $6 – $10 an hour.

Sales Support Associate: Your job as a sales support associate primarily concerns on many clerical and office works. You are responsible for arranging meeting and appointments between the clients and salespersons. You are also expected to record pieces of information to a computer, fax the document and more. Often, a sales support associate can do the job of a sales associate by even making sales too. You are paid an hourly basis and you will receive an average wage from $7- $10 an hour.

Co-Manager: As a co-manager, you are expected to work side by side with the other staff. Since the store manager cannot do all the work all at once, it s your primary job to take over and take charge of those. You are expected to receive an average wage of $26,000 – $55,000 per year.

Cashier: It is you job to receive cash, count them, calculate change and give receipts to the customers. You are also expected to give the customers a friendly environment every time they approach the counter to pay. A warm and nice smile would be very suitable accompanied by a greeting. The average wage would be $7 – $9 an hour.

Store Manager: The store manager gives leadership that drives the customer experience, overall operational execution and total store outcomes. The store manager drives outcome through developing and executing short term action plans and long term strategies. The store manager guides company initiatives and guarantees maximum productivity, profitability and compliance with company policies as well as procedures.As a store manager, you are responsible to take charge of the store. You are expected to have great leadership skills since you are to manage the entire store and make each crew work as a single team.   Also, you will be the one to assign of which part of the store that certain staff will work on. You will also play a critical role in the motivation of the group because without you, each of your staff would be clueless of where they should be.

Store Manager can expect to get $42,000 — $70,000 annually.

Business Systems Analyst: The position will construct an atmosphere that fosters effective and efficient application implementation. This supervises high profile applications, from a functional perspective, while sustaining a basic technical understanding. This will interact with cross-functional business colleagues to define and translate requirements into functional specifications supporting stores technology solutions also store needs.

The annual salary for this position starts at $47,000-$60,000.

Sales Representative: A sales representative will meet sales objectives and goals assigned by Sales Director. Usual tasks include preparing a variety of sales status reports that comprise activity, follow-up, closings, and adherence to targets, developing and sustaining the existing product knowledge and sales materials. The position will participate in marketing events like trade shows, seminars, as well as telemarketing events.

The hourly salary is $8.81.

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Operations Planner: This role is liable for working with customers to spot future requirements.   This supervises procurement of components to make product in conjunction with scheduling production of the finished product at vendors.   The position guarantees that the finished product is delivered to customer warehouses in an appropriate manner and works in conjunction with customers to prioritize production if essential.

The average wage for this job is around $53,000 — $57,000 a year.

Operations Manager: In this role, you will develop and implement short and long-term plans to attain goals in support of district/region strategy.   You will guarantee the maintenance of anticipated operational and merchandising standards. As the assigned person, you will give effectual training to staff in the areas of customer service, product knowledge, inventory control also merchandising while offering developmental opportunities.

The average salary for this job is around $47,000 — $85,000 a year.



  • Annual Retirement Contribution from the Company
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy
  • Vision Plan
  • Company Provided Life Insurance
  • Company Provided Disability
  • Company Provided Vision Discount
  • Company Provided Employee Assistance Program
  • Optional Life Insurance for yourself and dependents
  • Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Merchandise Discounts
  • Paid Time Off Programs
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Commuter Benefits (Parking & Transit)

How to apply

Victoria’s Secret is a very fun as well as lively place to work. To apply for your desired position click the link below.

>> Download Victoria’s Secret Job Application


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