TGIFridays Job Application

History of TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays was founded by a young American boy who used the expression “Thank God it’s Friday” but now the restaurant claims their logo really is “Thank Goodness it’s Friday.” Many people refer to the restaurant as just “Fridays”.   They are an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining with over 1,000 locations in over 50 countries. The “Fridays” is a unit of the Carlson Companies.

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This chain is well known for its appearance, red-striped canopies, brass railings, Tiffany lamps and frequent use of antiques as part of their décor. “Friday’s” has been used as a restaurant for hotels run by Country Inns & Suites by Carlson. The largest “Friday’s” franchise is The Briad Group with about 70 locations in the United States. The highest grossing location is at Haymarket Leicester Square, which opened in 1992 in Central London. They are also noted as the ‘most popular’ branch as well as being financially most successful. Many people enjoy eating at TGIF restaurants and the employee’s find the atmosphere for working very enjoyable.

Hours of Operation:   vary by location

Minimum Age to Work Here:   18 years old

Positions Available:   Bartender, Broiler/Grill Cook, Busser, Department Management Essentials (DME), Directory of Operations, Dishwasher, General Manager, Host/Hostess, Kitchen Manager, Prep Cook, Restaurant Management Essentials (RME), Server, Strategic Leaderships Essentials (SLE)

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   There is no room for negotiation because the salary rates and the benefit packages are already set.

Job description/ Average wage

Waitress: The waitress is responsible for greeting the guests and seating them in a comfortable place. They must take their drink orders and make sure that they are of legal age to be served alcohol beverages. Since the bartender is not able to see the customers that they are preparing the drinks for they are very dependent on the waitress to check Identification cards. The waitress then must take the food orders and make sure that all salads and appetite are delivered first. Afterwards they check the food that is given to them before they deliver it to the table. The waitress is checking to make sure that such things as steaks etc. are prepared to the customer’s satisfaction. After the meal the waitress then asks the customer if they would like a dessert making suggestions when applicable. The waitress will then present the guest with their check and take payment to the cashier processing the transaction and returning with proper change or the customer’s credit card.

The average waitress earns $8.00 per hour plus tips.

Cook: All cooks are trained to prepare foods the TGI Friday’s way. The experience that they may already have in the profession of cooking can help to get them a higher wage. They are also expected to know all health and safety codes of TGI Fridays and that of the local county and state laws. A cook may work in a particular area such as the grill or perhaps in food preparation.

The average cook earns about $10 to $12 per hour.

Host/Hostess: This position will present an optimistic first impression of Friday’s to customers. This will meet and greets guests as well as make sure that a guest’s dining experience is beyond anticipations. This sustains a neat, clean, expert image. The assigned individual will open the door for every guest. This will maintain host/hostess station clean and systematized.

The standard wage is $6-$10 per hour.

Dishwasher: This person will offer guests with clean utensils, plates and glasses. This sets up dish machine in the AM and closes it down in the PM. The position washes plates, glasses, utensils, pots/pans, and then puts them back in the accurate place. This maintains sanitation up to local code standards.

The offered salary starts from $7-$10 per hour.

Busser: This role will make sure that guests are seated at a clean and accurately set table within the shortest quantity of time possible. This sustains the cleanliness of the restroom, border of the building and parking lot.  This lucky person will work with Servers and Host/Hostess’ to make certain that guests obtain outstanding service.

The salary for a Busser is $6-$8 an hour.

Broiler/Grill Cook: This position will prepare dishes according to recipe prerequisites. This position will make sure all foods meet Friday’s standard of quality. This will maintain kitchen and station clean, stocks and sets up rotation. As the assigned person you will perform all duties and responsibilities in a suitable way.

The position’s average salary is $8-$11 per hour.

Bartender: The Bartender will mix and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to bar visitors. This position will pursue hundreds of normal recipes and the company’s alcoholic beverage policies. You will make guests feel at home and is dutiful to them at all times.

The monthly salary for a Bartender is $1,142-$1,236.


  • Flexible hours for the convenience of your schedule
  • Competitive wages for the area in which you are working.
  • Good employee benefits
  • Free uniforms
  • Great advancement opportunities
  • Comprehensive Training

Atmosphere and Perks

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Being a leader in the restaurant industry, TGI Friday offers extensive benefits and generous pay for the employees. If you are hired in the entry level position, aside from the competitive pay, you will also receive paid quality training and flexible work hours. As soon as you become eligible employees, you will also enjoy future financial planning benefits like 401K plan, health and wellness perks, product discounts and other employee assistance benefits. This is a great industry to start your career and make way to career growth and advancement in the future.

Interview Questions

How will you handle customers who had drank too much and become disorderly?

What is quality customer service?

Do you have extensive experience in the restaurant industry?

Have you experienced handling difficult customers and how were you able to let them come back to the restaurant?

What experience do you have handling money?

Can you work in a stressful environment like you have to handle more than one task at a time?

Do you expect for job perks, such as free food or drinks?

What are your special skills which are best suited to one of the departments in the company?

Do you intend to work for longer years in the company?

Why should the company hire you over other applicants?

Interview Tips

You should feel very lucky enough when you are considered for an interview. You will be scheduled for a one-on-one or panel interview once the hiring manager sees your documents to manifest you are qualified for the job. The interview takes place to be part of the screening process and so you must be prepared for the big day. Make sure you will be able to show positive attitude — dress professionally, smile often and deal with the interviewer accordingly.

How to Apply

You can apply for these positions and many more by visiting their website:

Visit your local TGI Friday’s for information on restaurants in your area.

>> Download TGIF Job Application



    • I've been with TGI Fridays in NY for over 6 yrs and no waitress/waiter makes $8 an hour + tips. In fact in 2010, it's $4.60 an hour. We take 5% of our grand total of customer checks & give it to the house, to help the corporation pay the salaries of the host/hostess/bartender & bussers. We keep the rest. So if all the customers tip 15% of the check total, (items purchased + sales tax) we keep 10% overall. Example: If your total bill is $60 and you tip $10, we give the house $3, (60 x 5%) and we keep $7 of your tip. Trust me, it's not all wonderful because some people have no intention of tipping, no matter how wonderful the service was.

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