Target Positions and Job Descriptions

Target is a massive department store with many positions, as well as jobs. If you’re looking to get a job here, you’re probably wondering what kind of positions that there are going to be.

In order to help you with your application process, listed below are some jobs that you can potentially apply for, as well as the description for each, and every job.

Target Positions and Job Descriptions

Team Member
You will be assigned a department, and the unique thing about Target is that you will rotate your department every here and there. You will be responsible for just about everything. From stocking the shelves, to helping customers with their order.

Guest Services
You will work the guest services counter. You will help those with everything ranging from returning items, to helping them with baby, as well as wedding registries. You will clean, as well as help departments bring back returned items in your down time.

You will run the cash register, or help with the USCAN, where you will monitor all customers ringing up their orders. You will find that you will also have to assist customers with orders, as well as help with cleaning the front of the store, when it’s slow.

Team Leader
You will be responsible for overlooking a particular department. You will help assign tasks to employees, as well as make sure that the department is running smoothly. If a customer has a problem, you will have to help assist them with whatever it may be.

Back Room / Stock
In the shipping, and receiving department, you will be in charge of helping the trucks unload the goods. You will take everything out the box, price them, and sort them in the back. When times are slow, you will have to help with organizing the back room.


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