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History of The Sports Authority

Founded back in 1928, the Sports Authority today has over 450 locations in more than 45 states throughout the United States.   Known for selling sporting goods based items such as exercise equipment, footwear, and more, you can also find a larger e-commerce store online as well at

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Job Description / Average Wage

Sales Associate: As a sales associate, you will be assigned to a specific department.   You will be in charge of helping with stock, assisting customers, as well as answering any questions that the customer may have.   You will also help with cleaning, as well as selling items.   The average wage ranges from $8 to $15 a hour.

Cashier: As a cashier, you will work the front of the store at the cash register direct.   You will ring up customers, as well as help with returns.   You will assist customers with any questions that they may have, as well as point them in the right direction, when they are looking for something in the store.   You will also have to answer phones.   The average wage is $7 to $10 a hour.

Cash Lead: A cash lead is going to be in charge of overlooking the cashiers at the cash registers.   You’re going to assign tasks, override particular transactions, as well as help with the register when the times are busy.   The average wage for a lead is going to be anyhwere from $8 to $17 a hour.

Department Manager: As a department manager, you will be assigned of watching over an entire department.   You will assign schedules, help with questions and concerns, as well as manage your employees.   You will also be asked to assist other managers with duties.   The average wage is $12 to $20 a hour.

Fitness Tech: As a fitness tech, you’re going to assist customers with any questions that they have with their fitness equipment.   You may also have to help with putting together fitness equipment, assisting with other associates, as well as ensuring that the area remains clean.   The average wage is anyhwere from $10 to $14 a hour.

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Store Manager: As the store manager, you’re going to be in charge of the whole store.   You’re going to help open the store, close it, as well as ensure that everything is going according to company standard.   You’re going to help open the store, close it, as well as assign tasks, assist associates, do various managerial paperwork and more.   The average wage is going to be anyhwere from $38,000 to $71,000 a year.


Your benefits will vary, depending on the job that you apply for.   Most full time, as well as salaried positions will depend upon what kind of benefits you’re going to get.   It’s best to talk with your hiring manager to find out what your benefits will entail.

How to apply

If you want to get a job with Sports Authority, you can either request a job application in store, where you can inquire about job openings, or you can look for job openings by following this link.



    • I can’t wait to work for this company. I will be a huge asset.

    • No I have not worked for Sports Authority.

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