Smokey Bones Bar and Grill Manager Salary

Different companies think of different ways to attract more customers to their restaurants. Smokey Bones bar and Fire Grill thought of having a rustic mountain lodge setting and it has worked for them as they now have 68 restaurants in 17 states. The company has recently undergone renovation to improve its image.

The manager performs different duties and responsibilities everyday. They check on the items that they sell and also have to inspect the inventory to make sure that they will be able to coordinate with the dealers to make orders. Food safety is also prioritized and this is performed by advising staff to observe proper rules and regulations.

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Managers also coordinate with the upper management usually by sending reports. They provide information regarding sales and staff. The manager also makes sure that they address customer complaints in the instance that it happens. They should balance customer’s demand with company policies.

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Kitchen Manager

  • Salary: A salary range a kitchen manager gets is roughly between $41,000 and $47,000 based on their experience.
  • Bonuses: Cash bonus is considered for the kitchen manager as incentive. They get $2,406 to $2,610.
  • Profit Sharing: Employees do not get profit sharing as part of their salary package.
  • Stock Options: There are no incentives like stock options provided for this position.

Service Manager

  • Salary: Service managers are entitled from $40,000 to $44,000 annual pay which would be based on the experience as well.
  • Bonuses: A cash bonus is not provided to as part of the incentive for the employee.
  • Profit Sharing: Shared profits are also not considered by the company to the employees.
  • Stock Options: Again, only basic pay is given and stock options are also not provided.

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