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History of Sheetz

Sheetz, Inc. is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores owned by the Sheetz family. Stores are situated in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, in addition to West Virginia.

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Sheetz has long employed the “Z” that the name ends with in different marketing efforts. These include Sheetz’ re-loadable gift card, the “Z” card, the Sheetz breakfast sandwich recognized and marketed as “Shmuffinz,” and their “Nachoz.”

Sheetz, Inc was established by Bob Sheetz in 1952 when he purchased one of his father’s five dairy stores situated in Altoona, Pennsylvania. They truly care about their customers. Their mission at Sheetz is to offer fast, friendly service and worth products in clean and convenient locations. They work hard to ensure they deliver on their mission promise every day.

Job Description/Average Wage

Store Manager: As the Store Manager of the company   you have crucial responsibility for all store operations, and must guarantee effective, efficient and profitable execution of the Sheetz mission. Specific duties and responsibilities of the Store Manager include assignment and follow-up of the following: customer service, operations, employee staffing, employee relations and development, financials, food service and merchandising. The perfect Sheetz Store Manager must have high school education or equivalent and previous people management experience. The hourly salary for this position is around $34.840-$59.410 a year plus bonus.

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager is mainly responsible for managing the store in the absence of the Store Manager. Managerial responsibilities of the Assistant Manager shall consist of, but not essentially be limited to, the following: supervising and directing the activities of employees, ensuring excellent customer service, hiring, training and development of employees, monitoring compliance with company policies and procedures, maximizing sales and profitability, controlling expenses, maintaining stock levels and inventory and ensuring the flawless execution of programs. The hourly salary for this position is around $32.240-$48.100 a year plus bonus.

Associate Manager: The Associate Manager is a developmental position, which will guide to a promotion to Store Manager. As a result, an Associate Manager’s store assignments are of a temporary nature. The Associate Manager will be expected to demonstrate competencies and function at a level beyond that expected of an Assistant Manager. The Associate Manager is also responsible, in union with the Store Manager, for accomplishing store goals and objectives. The Associate Manager salary is around $33.540-$53.690 a year plus bonus.

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Salesperson: The salesperson is responsible for providing customers with fast, friendly service and quality products. The salesperson executes all related job functions when working in the food service area or sales counter area of the store to include: preparing quality food products, ringing accurate register transactions, maintaining broad appearance and cleanliness of store premises. The perfect fit for Sheetz team would be someone that is people oriented, self motivated, dependable, able to work effectively in a fast-paced atmosphere while maintaining 100% total customer heart. The Sales person salary is around $8.75-$10.25 per hour plus bonus.

Beverage Host/Hostess: The Beverage Host/Hostess is responsible for maintaining the beverage areas through peak periods. This includes repetitive maintenance of fresh coffee and fountain drinks, paper supplies, as well as breakfast and bakery items. As well as coffee maintenance, the Beverage Host/Hostess is to exceed our customers’ expectations with a greater emphasis on fast and friendly service along with providing worth products in clean and convenient locations. The average salary for this position is $8.00-$9.00 per hour plus bonus.

How to apply

They’re always looking for great people that will help deliver their mission and focus on their vision to put Sheetz as they know it today out of business. Hurray apply now! You may visit them at their website.


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