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History of Red Roof Inn

Known for being an “economy” based hotel chain, you can find more than 325 locations throughout the United States today.   You can find them mainly in the southern, as well as eastern part of the USA.   Many locations have continental breakfast, as well as free WIFI.   They are also known to be a pet friendly hotel.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Housekeeping: Working in the hotel, you will be responsible for following your room schedule.   You will help assist other maids with cleaning rooms, stocking items as well as making sure that all rooms are up to company standards.   You will help mop, sweep, vacuum, as well as take the linen to the laundry area, where you will also assist with cleaning them.   The average wage starts at $8+ a hour.

Food and Beverage:   Working in the restaurant or food area, you’re going to be in charge of making sure that all of the food is prepared properly.   You’re going to also make sure that the restaurant is up to corporate standard.   You’re going to seat guests, take orders as well as assist the kitchen staff with food that needs to be prepared.   The average wage for this position can range from $8 to $12 a hour.

Front Desk: Working the front desk, you will help guests as they enter the hotel.   You will help give them the room key, as well as explain the hotel policy.   You will help with answering questions, as well as answering the phone.   You will take reservations down, as well as make sure that the lobby remains clean.   The average wage is $8 to $11 a hour.

Sales:   As a sales coordinator, you’ll be responsible for drawing up new business in the area.   You’ll set up meetings, make cold calls as well as send out brochures to local businesses and individuals.   The average wage can range from $10 to $12 per hour.

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Maintenance: Working maintenance, you will make sure that everything is running at 100%.   You will assist the front desk with anything that needs to be done, such as fixing toilets, changing a light bulb, as well as heaters and more.     Your average wage will start at $10+ a hour.


  • 401K Retirement package.
  • Life insurance package.
  • AD&D insurance.
  • Medical, Dental, Vision.
  • Paid time off for sick, personal and holiday.
  • Free hotel stays and more…

How to apply

If you want to apply at your local Red Roof Inn, you can either request an application in a store near you, ore you can look for current job openings online by following this career link.



    • I would love to work for this hotel,because I like meeting new faces and treat the guest like they are home away from home. I’ve heard nothing but good things.

    • i need a job so can make some money and i like being around people also i have done cleaning in the past history and always wanted to work in hotels

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