Pilot Travel Center Job Application

History of Pilot Travel Centers

Pilot was founded in 1958 as a single, family-owned gas station in Gate City, Virginia. In 1976, Pilot built its first convenience store and began converting the rest of its locations to convenience stores. Pilot’s first travel center opened in 1981, and travel centers have been the main thrust of its business ever since.

Hours of Operation:   The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Minimum Age to Work Here:   18 years old

Positions Available:   Retail and Restaurant Cashier, Cook, Prep Cook, Sandwich Artist, Coffee Host, Maintenance Technician, Shift Supervisor, Travel Center Assistant Manager, Travel Center General Manager, Restaurant Assistant Manager, Restaurant General Manager, Convenience Store Manager, Fuel Transport Driver, Regional Facility Maintenance Technician, Housekeeper

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   The hourly rate and salary are all set.   There is no room for negotiation.

Job Descriptions / Adverage Wages

Cashier: In this position, your main responsibility will be to ring up the customers purchases in store, and authorize gasoline and diesel transactions. You may also be required to do light cleaning and shelf restocking. This job can be very demanding at times. Must be good at multi-tasking. A starting wage in this position is usually $8 to $9 dollars an hour.

Shift Manager: The job of Shift Manager comes with responsibility. A shift manager is basically a temporary manager. When the manager has to step out or isn’t there for any reason, a shift manager is appointed. Usually, a shift manager is a stepping stone to higher management positions. This position usually has an hourly rate of $10 dollars an hour.

General Manager: As a general manager, you will be responsible for all the aspects for your designated store. You will be expected to keep appearances up, maintain a clean facility, keep products in stock, ordering and setting up gasoline and diesel dispense. Your main concern will be to keep the store running smoothly and effectively, and to maintain order and rules.


Medical/Prescription Coverage:

  • Gateway Plan: No charge for first $200 of doctor visit expenses. After $200, Pilot pays 75% of covered, in-network charges up to $10,000 per person per year. No office visit co-pays or deductibles.
  • Definity Account Plan: Hourly team members are eligible for enrollment after 12 months of enrollment on Gateway Plan. Pilot pays 80% of in-network charges after $1,500 individual/$3,000 family deductible. Includes a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) funded by Pilot of $500 individual/$1,000 family that goes towards deductible. No office visit co-pays.
  • Prescription: Gateway Plan max $300 individual/$900 family per year.
  • $10 co-pay, Generic
  • $30 co-pay, Brand Name/Preferred Brand
  • $50 co-pay, Non-Preferred Brand

Dental Coverage:

Plan pays the following for in-network charges:

  • Diagnostic/Preventive – 100%/No deductible
  • Routine – 80%/$50 deductible
  • Major – 50%/$50 deductible
  • Orthodontia – 50%/No deductible

Vision Coverage:Vision Service Plan (VSP):

  • Eye Exam – Every 12 months/$10 co-pay
  • Lenses – Every 24 months/$20 co-pay
  • Frames – Every 24 months/No co-pay
  • Medical Contacts – $10 co-pay/Plan pays up to $210
  • Elective Contacts – Every 24 months/No co-pay/Plan pays up to $105

Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts: A cost-savings account of pre-tax dollars for approved medical expenses that are not covered by your insurance plan, for you and your dependents. Get reimbursed for daycare expenses with the dependent care FSA.

Company Term Paid Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D): Company-paid Life and AD&D equivalent to one times your base annual salary (rounded to the next highest $1,000).

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan: Pilot contributes 60 cents for every dollar contributed up to 6% of wages. Vesting schedule:

  • 1 year – 0%
  • 2 years – 20%
  • 3 years – 40%
  • 4 years – 60%
  • 5 years – 80%
  • 6 years – 100%

Educational Tuition Reimbursement: Receive up to $3,000 per year ($8,000 lifetime max). Eligibility criteria: work 32 hours per week or more, employed for 12 months of continuous full-time service, and continue to be employed by Pilot through the date you are reimbursed and for one year afterward.

La Petite Academy Daycare Discount: Receive a 10% discount on La Petite Academy Tuition rate for children 2 to 12 years of age.

Adoption Assistance: Reimbursement for adoption fees up to $8,000 per adopted child. Eligibility criteria: work at least 32 hours per week and have been employed by Pilot for one year.

Short Term Disability Coverage:60% of base salary, 14 day elimination period, pays up to 12 months.

Long Term Disability Coverage: 60% of base salary, 52 weeks elimination period, pays up to age 65.

24 Hour Opium Nurse line: Always available with a live medical professional to answer questions regarding health issues.

Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance (including Cancer): Covers several specific diseases, conditions, and procedures. There are a variety of benefits that can be designed to meet the needs of you and your family.

Voluntary Term Life and AD&D Insurance: May purchase voluntary life insurance in $10,000 increments up to 10 times your base annual salary not to exceed $500,000.

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Atmosphere and Perks

This is a perfect company for those who enjoy working the fast-paced retail sales environment or those who would preferably work during midnight shift. Employment opportunities are for both experienced and inexperienced individuals when it comes to sales environment. Employees of Pilot Flying J will be able to enjoy flexible hours and competitive pay. Other perks for qualified employees are healthcare, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and education tuition reimbursement. Pilot Flying J travel centers are also conveniently located and that every worker finds rewarding work environments and other perks.

Interview Questions

Where did you get the information about the vacancy in this company?

Why do you want to apply for a job here?

You describe your personality.

What are your skills that are best suited to the company?

How do you deal with irate customers and difficult co-workers?

What is your experience in working in the sales environment?

What are your career plans?

When are you available to work here? How flexible is your time?

What is quality customer service?

Interview Tips

You must be lucky enough to be called for an interview. This is a rare chance which can definitely be yours within two weeks after you have submitted your application. The chance to be interviewed should be something you must be happy for since you are given the chance to be hired by the company; thus, you need to be well prepared for the interview. The questions are usually personal so the interview will be able to gauge the type of personality you have that they need for the company. You should answer all questions tactfully and be sincere by maintaining an eye to eye contact with the interviewer. Also make sure to be well dressed to show professionalism.

How to Apply

Most likely, there is a Pilot Travel Center near you, so if you are interested in working with the Pilot family, click the Apply Now link to take you to the Pilot job center. There, you can browse jobs near you.



    • i recently moved from mt.plesant to china grove an need a part time job


    • im experienced in cashier for several years. im a hard worker very dependent and love the public. is there much advancement with cashiers?

    • I’m a experienced cashier for more than several years.I work very hard on my job to please my customers and employers.I love to train other crew/team members to do a good job serving customers.I am filled with joy and ready to work with this again. Crossing my fingers that they accept my app!

    • I worked for pilot in 2004 and while the job did require a lot of standing, I did enjoy it.

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