Pet Supplies Plus Job Application

History of Pet Supplies Plus

Jack Berry And Harry Shallop, in the year 1988 does come up with a brilliant idea. Being a veteran in wholesale and retail industry of trading groceries, Jack and Harry realized the optimization of supermarket   convenience through putting up and giving value to the animals by providing   food and other related supplies   for the consumers   pets.

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Jack and Harry’s store is now renowned to consumers as they offer great benefits that shoppers require in having a convenient one-stop-shop. The store obtains wider aisles and a well-organized shelves of stock display for everyone’s   satisfaction. Furthermore, customers can view overhead signs in helping anyone locate easily proper place to render a purchase. The store is surely to be defined as consumer-friendly as it has ample and wider parking space hours, they     do as well have staffs that are approachable to mingle with and are helpful in presenting you great low- prices offerings for the day.

With their storytelling concept of retailing captures the customer’s attentions and desires. Jack and Harry were able to obtain the interest of the consumers. In five years of existence from the launching of the first Pet Supplies “Plus”, the one located in Redford, Harvey Solway, they successfully made it to expand for a thirty more branches in different locations. Lately, they were united with a new business partner, Harvey Solway, and they were able to make the business grow continuously. At present, to count it all, they do have more than 240 branches of Pet Supplies”Plus” stores, scattered all over 23 states.

Job Description/Wage Averages

Retail Manager: A person that is appointed to be the primary responsible to associate with franchise store owners as well as with both corporate and franchise store managers to held hand-in-hand for the optimization of their store performances. They are to do ways to increase and enhance their services in providing customer’s convenience   in every of their respective areas. This position has an annual salary of $46k to $49k.

Stocker: This person is responsible in performing inventory control, quality assurance and transportation scheduling functions. He must be able to cycle count locations, reports deviations to supervisor in a proper way and time manner, identify deviations in stock levels. This man is accountable to perform audits on a sampling of completed orders for accuracy in ensuring quality customer service. He is to process In and Outbound deliveries/shipments using WMS research and resolve any issues that arises. In this position, one could earn $7 to $8 per hour.

Cashier: This person is primarily responsible in receiving payments through credit cards, check, cash, vouchers or automatic debits. He does issue receipts, change due to customers, credits and refunds. He is accountable to count cash in drawers at the beginning up to the last shifts to ensure adequate change and to secure balance cash going in and out. This person is entitled to receive a salary of $8 per hour.

Stock Clerks: This position is to be filled by an individual to perform the task such as, receiving, storing and issuing sales floor merchandise. He will be responsible in stock shelves, cases, racks, bins and tables to ensure that they have displays and that they were arranged accordingly to be be able to attract customers. this man is to check and take physical count of stock and merchandise. This person is about to receive a salary of $9 to $10 per hour.

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The company’s benefit package varies from one person to another; hence, if you want details on this, you may check on the company’s website.

How to Apply

When you are interested to join and be a part in contributing for the success of the business and welfare of every consumers, come and do visit this site You may see available jobs suitable to you and verify there the requirements needed. All detailed information will surely be feed to you, you may have in their contact and location details that will help you to come and see the HR Officer and ranking officials personally to acquire details.

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