Loves Travel Center Job Application

History of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

Tom and Judy Love started a line of grocery items along with their self-service gasoline station in 1964 being one of the first to offer one-stop traveling for travelers. The Mini Stop was a huge success leading to the opening of many stores in the Oklahoma area. They were noted as the company that launched the concept of one-stop shopping at service stations.

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In 1972 they had added many new one-stop stations and started using their name to identify the locations. Love’s Country Stores was the new name, and the beginning of what became a prominently recognized regional brand. In 1978 the stores were located throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. They made another significant move in the business by adding Fresh Daily Deli items. They made the sandwiches fresh everyday making the Deli Food part of the business the third profit-center in each location, along with the self-serve gasoline and the convenience store items.

Job description/ Average wage

General Manager: The general manager is in charge of all the store operations from the self-service gasoline, convenience store items, to the deli food court. Even though there are managers for each section the general manager helps to coordinate the stores sales and operations. Normally the general manager starting salary is 56k a year.

Clerk: The clerk is responsible for the counter area that they are working and for good customer relations. They must assist customers with a smile and try to be helpful and friendly. They also must make sure that their area is kept clean and well stocked. They take the sales and ring it up making sure that the customer gets the right amount of change, they have put the sales in the right department, and when they have completed the transaction the merchandise is properly bagged when necessary. The normal wage is comparative to the area in which the clerk works.   A clerk will make around $9 a hour.

Programmer/Analysts: This position usually requires the person to work in the corporate office. They must have a thorough knowledge of the computer systems and programs that are needed in each store. They may go into the field and reprogram a system that has gotten off line but in most cases they are able to assist the managers over the phone to do this function. They help with price control and other product data entry. They make a program that is compatible to all systems and keep the stores on the same network. The usual starting wage for a program analysts is $57k a year.


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The benefits program for employees of Loves, depend on the division and the area that the employee is working. You must check with the store in your area for benefits and wages.

How to apply:

In order to get a position with Love’s Travel Stops and Country Store you should visit the local store in your area to find out the open positions in each department and apply in person.

You can also go online and apply for a position in the individual section that you have an interest. or or



    • I was trying to c if i could work for ur company.

    • If u can find somewhere else to work please do i was a rest manager and it is the worst place to work for they say 9 dollars a hour maybe in 10 years if your a female dont expect to go anywhere only males get the promtions

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