GNC Application

GNC Application

A GNC application is available in the below section. This page goes through the history of GNC, various job descriptions, benefits, and how to apply for a job at GNC.
GNC application

History of GNC

GNC stands for General Nutrition Centers that is focused on the retail sale of nutrition and health-related products like vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet & energy products. It was founded in the year 1935 by David Shakarian headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. The latest number of franchised stores in the US is 300 stores out of 5, 000 domestic GNC stores and is usually situated in shopping malls and zones.

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Job Descriptions and Wage Averages

Sales Associate: Your main responsibility is to sell and merchandise the products and available services of the company. You must play a part to the company’s sales by producing more income and must give your excellent work to lift up the profit of the corporation. The average wage for this job is $7.53 per hour or $12,572 a year.

Cashier: You are going to maintain exceptional customer service based on the company’s standards and policies. You properly and efficiently manage sales and protect the assets of the company. You will ascertain that each customer receives the highest service by giving them a friendly and welcoming environment by having enough knowledge on the products and services being offered. The average wage for this job is $7 per hour.

Store Manager: You will keep the store in order at all times to ensure that the customers will have an easy access to important supplies and information that they needed as well as to maintain services, facilities, stock, supplies and inventories updated and available. The average wage for this job is $27,879 a year.

Manager: You will manage, lead and plan for the company’s operations and will formulate rules and policies for the improvement of the institution. You are going to manage the day-to-day operations and will make a plan for the utilization of materials and human resources available. The average wage for this job is $29, 000 to $31, 000 a year.

Assistant Manager: You are going to give supervisory support to the daily administration of company’s operations and this includes hiring and firing of individuals, constructing work schedules as well as finalizing sales transactions. The average wage for this job is $12 to $13 per hour.


  • Medical
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability Insurance
  • Paid Leaves
  • Retirement Plan

The benefits may vary depending on job position and location.

How to Apply to GNC

Fill out a GNC application form through their online career site. Here, you can search for their current job openings and opportunities. If you have what it takes to be a part of this successful team then click on the link below to start looking for the perfect job for you. Once you visit the site you are going to select between search for retail careers or search for corporate, distribution and manufacturing careers tab.

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