FYE Job Application

History of FYE

FYE, known as “For Your Entertainment” was bought out by Trans World back in 2001.   Known for selling CDs, DVDs and more in their shops across the United States, primarily located in malls.   You can also find some within strip malls as well.

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Today, they operate around 500+ stores, employing well over 10-20 people per store, depending on the location, as well as the size.   The company that owns them, Trans World Entertainment also owns other names such as Suncoast, as well as Media Ply.

F.Y.E is a retail industry that stands for “For Your Entertainment”. This company was founded in the year 2001 with its headquarters situated in the United States. This is a chain of entertainment media stores that offers products such as CD’s, DVD’s and video games.

Hours of Operation:   Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 12:00pm-6:00pm

Minimum Age to Work Here:   16 years old

Positions Available:   Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Second Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Distribution Center Associate, Distribution Center Supervisor, Human Resources Representative, Financial Analyst, Sales Manager

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   There is no room for negotiation since the hourly rate is set.

Job Description / Average Wage

Sales Associate: Paid on an hourly basis, you will do everything from stocking the floor, as well as assisting customers with any questions, or concerns that they may have.   You will also have to run the cash register, as well as clean the store down at closing.   The average wage is $7 to $9 a hour.

Sales Floor: Working the sales floor, you’re going to help customers with any issues that they may have.   You’re going to answer questions, as well as ensure that the entire store stays cleaned.   You will help organize items such as CDs, DVDs and more.   You will also help the other associates with the cash register and more from time to time.   The average wage is anywhere from $8 to $12 a hour.

Sales Floor Manager: As a sales floor manager, you must know the status of your stock and be oriented of the most effective and best selling lines as well as to make attractive and profitable displays in the floor. You will also make sure that all goods and products are properly prices and that customers are assisted by the staff at all times. Aside from that, you will also provide leadership to the whole team and make sure that your subordinates are working based on the set rules and policies of the management. The average wage for this job is $41,000 to $45,000 per year.

Assistant Manager: Working underneath the main manager, you’re going to answer to the main manager, as well as the district manager.   You will assign tasks to your employees for the shift, as well as do most of the duties that the associate has to perform.       There are also training and part time manager positions that may be available.       You are primarily responsible in giving assistance and support to the manager or managers assigned to you. You will help him in completing all his tasks and perform the simple managerial duties such as completing sales transactions, hiring employees and making schedules of work. You will also act as the manager if he is not around in the workplace.   An assistant manager will be paid around $8 to $13 a hour.

Store Manager: You’re going to be in charge of running the entire store.   You’re going to help with opening the store, as well as close it.   You’re going to help with hiring, the payroll and many other various managerial tasks.     You’re going to ensure that the store runs at 100%.   You’re going to help assist the employees with jobs that they need help with and much more.   You will serve as the head of the store that is accountable for all its operations and activities. You will then monitor the shelves if these are filled with its proper items and make sure that all kinds of items are made available for the customers. You will also monitor and verify the level of stock, supplies and facilities and then update inventory and stock level periodically. The average wage is anywhere from $29,000 to $51,000 a year.

Assistant General Manager: You’re going to manage the company efficiently and report or refer directly to the general manager. You will do bookkeeping activities and make employee schedules. You will also make sure that all staff remain committed with their job and work as a team with the one common goal. The average wage for this job ranges from $38,000 to $42,000 per year.


  • A very competitive health package that includes dental, vision and more.
  • 401(k) plan that you can participate in.
  • Merchandise discount within the store.

Atmosphere and Perks

FYE provides a wide array of career growth potential and many career opportunities. The company offers a fun, exciting work environment with positive team members whom every worker needs to have. Workers of FYE will be able to enjoy competitive pay rates and exceptional salary options. They will also receive additional job perks like paid training opportunities, flexible schedules, and career growth potential. Eligible employees will receive other benefit packages like future planning benefits, such as 401(k) retirement plans and educational assistance, access to health and wellness programs, and insurance coverage such as insurance coverage includes medical, dental, and vision plans.

Interview Questions

State your reasons why you have decided to apply in this company.

Why should the company hire you?

Can you point out your advantage over other candidates?

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Are you good with computers (can you fix them)?

Is there a certain department you would like to work in?

What do you think some of our top products are?

What kind of electronics do you like to buy?

If someone needed help choosing a gift, what would you do?

How do you deal with difficult customers?

Describe yourself in a few words

Tell us about a time you had a conflict with a manager.

Can you stay calm in a heated environment?

What will you do when there are customer complaints?

Interview Tips

The FYE interview process allows everyone who have interest in the music industry to apply in various position and to show their capabilities to handle the position they have applied for. After submitting the required information, you will most likely receive the notification for the interview. When you come for an interview, be well dressed and display and positive behavior. You can establish your worth for the position by being impressive when you answer the interview questions which will cover your previous employment, your education and your skills and knowledge which are all necessary in the music industry.

How to apply

Since most FYE based stores are located within the mall, you can apply for them in store and request a paper application.   You can also apply online as well via their career page.   If you want to apply online, you can visit the following website:



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