Dutch Bros Jobs and Application

Dutch Bros Jobs

Dutch Bros jobs are available in the below section. This page goes through the history of Dutch Bros, various job descriptions, benefits, and how to apply at Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros jobs

History of Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros is a company that produces coffee and the special blend of Dutch Chocolate milk and Kick Me Mix. The brand that it carries include: Torani Smoothie Mix, Oregon Chai, Pacific Soy, Red Bull, and Guayaki Yerba Mate. The company’s focus is drive thru coffee. It also offers franchising to interested individuals who trust the company on the coffee it offers.

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Dutch Bros is famed of its optimism towards life with its so called Optimists Creed or the Dutch Creed. It emphasizes positive vibes to all its employees. These include being strong, making friends, looking everything with optimism, being enthusiastic and many others.

The company started in 1992 and since then, Dutch Bros Coffee has been expanding to serve its customers very well.

Dutch Bros Job Description/Wage Averages

Barista: this position is for trained Dutch Bros employees who already know the right mixture of the drink in order to give the best coffee to its customers. This person must work to ensure that the customers needs are well attended. He/She prepares the coffee according to company’s procedures. The average wage for this position can start at $8 per hour.

Store Manager: This person is the in charge of managing the store’s overall operations. He/She sees to it that every activity is in accordance to company goals and procedures. He/She hires and trains potential employees too. He/She is also engage in strategic planning, goal setting and outlining activities that are necessary to achieve the goals. The average wage for this position can start at $13 per hour.

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Cashier: The cashier receives the payment for the products purchased from the store. He/She must be knowledgeable about the prices of the products as well as price adjustments if there any. You’ll assist with taking coupons as well as making sure that they were happy with their experience. If any problems do arise, you’ll have the manager help you with problems. The average wage for this position can start at $8 per hour.

Dutch Bros Benefits

The benefits offered by the company vary from one position to another; sometimes, the difference may also be due to the differences of ownership of a single store. Hence, if you want to check more on this, you may check the company’s website or the franchise locations near you.

How to Apply at Dutch Bros

If you are interested about joining the company’s team, you may check on the company’s website at http://dutchbros.com or send your resume and cover letter to the nearest Dutch Bros location.

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