Domino’s Job Application

History of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1960 by Tom and James Monaghan. The two brothers bought a small store for only $500 and started the now known as Domino’s Pizza. James Monaghan sold his share of the store after six months to his brother Tom for a used Volkswagen Beetle. The very first franchise was opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan and today there are over thousands of Domino’s Pizza all over America and 1,500 international locations. Tom Monaghan sold 93 per cent of the business to Bain Capital and retired in 1998 and they named David A. Brandon as the Chief Executive Officer letting Mr. Monaghan retire and enjoy the rest of his life.

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Hours of Operation:   Sun-Thurs: 11:30am-12:00am; Fri-Sat: 11:30am-1:00am

Minimum Age to Work Here:   18 years old

Positions Available:   Customer Service Representative, Pizza Maker, Delivery Driver, Bicycle Driver, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Operational Leadership Program, Shift Manager

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   There is no room for negotiation since the rate of the salary is already fixed.

Job description/ Average wage

Associate: You’re going to help with everything from prepping the pizza, to putting the orders out to go.   You’re going to be in charge of ensuring that all the pizzas are cooked to perfection.   If anything does go wrong, you will have to assist with the main manager on duty.   The average wage is anywhere from $8 to $10 a hour.

Cashier: You’re going to assist customers that come into the store.   You’re going to take orders over the phone, as well as ring up people as they come in.   You’re going to also ensure that the pizzas and other food are cooked to perfection.   You will grab the orders and give the appropriate order to those that come in.   The average wage is $7 to $10 a hour.

Delivery Driver: The delivery driver must make sure that the customer gets the pizza in a timely manner so that it is hot and delicious. They normally collect for the pizza and other products that are sold along with the pizza. They must be very courteous and friendly to all they encounter making sure that everyone has a pleasant experience receiving Domino’s Pizza. The average driver is paid $8.00 an hour plus tips.

Assistant Manager: The assistant manager has many job responsibilities and works instead of the manager. They must make sure that the pizza and all other products are prepared and delivered in a good time. They must keep a close watch on the stock and order fresh foods as needed. They also must train new employees and report to management any problems with an employee.   They are responsible to handle problems with customers and report the end results to management. The average assistant manager is paid $12 an hour depending on their job experience and education.

Store Manager: The store manager is going to ensure that the restaurant is running at 100%.   You’re going to make sure that the entire restaurant is ran according to the company’s policy.   You’re going to hire people, as well as make sure that the associates are doing their job.   You’re also going to help all associates with any duties that they need help with.   The average wage is anywhere from $25,000 to $68,000 a year.

Atmosphere and Perks

Domino’s offers fun and fast paced working environment. As an equal opportunity employer, all employees are granted with flexible work schedules, paid on the job training and excellent pay rates. Eligible employees can enjoy other benefits like retirement plans, financial planning benefits and healthcare coverage, medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage as well as life insurance options provide eligible employees safety and security; life and work balance program also include paid vacation, holiday pay, and sick leave. With such benefits being offered, there would be no wonder why many have considered the company the best place to start your career.

Interview Questions

If you apply as a delivery driver, do you believe that the delivery drivers need a clean driving record or proof of insurance?

Why do you want to work for Domino’s Pizza?

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Are you prepared to work nights and weekends?

What would you do if a co worker did not turn up in time for their shift?

What are your strength and weaknesses?

Do you have flexible schedule?

Can you work during weekends?

How will you define customer service?

How will you deal difficult customers and manager?

Interview Tips

It will take two or more weeks after you have submitted the employment application before you will be called for an interview. If you are scheduled for an interview, make sure to come in advance and make sure you are well dressed too. Show your confidence in answering all the interview questions for they are all aimed at determining the type of personality you have. The questions during the interview will also gauge your skills for the job; hence, make sure you can demonstrate your ability. Be tactful and honest in answering the questions too. Maintain an eye to eye contact with the interviewer also since this manifests sincere interest for the job.


  • Good working atmosphere
  • Professionally trained
  • Ability to work your own schedule
  • Paid the ongoing wage
  • Other benefits as provided by the store that you are working with.

How to Apply:

You can apply for these job positions and many more by visiting their website at: http:/ or by visiting your local Domino’s Pizza Shop


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