Denny’s Manager Salary

Since the Denny’s is a big restaurant chain serving millions of people, it is expected that it also has large numbers of personnel which are supervised by different types of managers to keep the restaurant up and about.   The managers in this food chain have clear-cut definition of their own scope of responsibilities to run a branch.

The general manager’s responsibility is different from that of the store manager, as it also differs from the scope of the district manager.   However, in spite of the dissimilarities in the job description, a manager above one manager in the hierarchy can reprimand or take actions for inappropriate actions done the lower manager.

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Restaurant Manager

  • Salary: A restaurant manager in Denny’s offer his expertise and services to the company and to compensate for the services provided, Denny’s usually pays him around $43,000 every year.   However, the work experience of manager may dictate the salary he gets.   It may dive to $35,000 or jump to about $45,000.
  • Cash Bonus: Cash bonus is the only form of bonus that the company gives to this position.   It ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 per year and relies primarily on the performance of the manager.
  • Stock Bonus: There are no reports regarding the tradition of the company in giving stock bonuses to their employees.
  • Profit Sharing: Profit sharing may or may not be practiced in the company.

General Manager

  • Salary: A Denny’s general manager gets an amount $37,000 to $49,000 as salary, averaging up to $45,000 over a one year period.
  • Cash Bonus: Denny’s does not give out information regarding the bonuses of their general manager.
  • Stock Bonus: Like cash bonus, details regarding the tradition of Denny’s in giving stock bonus to their general manager is not available.
  • Profit Sharing: No facts regarding profit sharing are given out by the company.

District Manager

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  • Salary: A district manager of Denny’s is one of their most highly paid personal with salary reaching up to $82,000 to $100,000, if bonuses is to be included in the counting.   Without the bonuses, the basic salary of a district manager is in between $70,000 to $82,000 for the whole year.
  • Cash Bonus: The person occupying this position in Denny’s is given generous amount of cash bonuses although the year.   This amount can reach $10,000 to $20,000.
  • Stock Bonus: The district may be given $5,000 worth of stocks in the company for a year.
  • Profit Sharing: Of all the different bonuses available for the district manager, information about profit sharing is not given out.


  • Salary: The manager in Denny’s can provide his family with $47,000 – $93,000 worth of salary for a year, but these figures can go up to $99,000 if bonuses are to be added with his compensation.
  • Cash Bonus: Depending on the owner of the franchise, operation of the business and performance, cash bonuses will be given out.   It is estimated that the manager receives around $14,000 worth of cash bonus through the year but it can go up to $23,000.
  • Stock Bonus: There is no information regarding stock bonus for the manager in Denny’s
  • Profit Sharing: It is unlikely that the manager will receive money from profit sharing in Denny’s.

Quality Assurance Manager

  • Salary: Since this position is important in maintaining good quality service and foods, Denny’s pay the person occupying this position a good compensation.   The salary of the quality assurance manager ranges from $65,000 to $70,000.
  • Cash Bonus: With yearly cash bonus that reaches up to $6,000, the quality assurance manager can bring home up to $76,000 to his family.
  • Stock Bonus: There is no exact information about Denny’s giving out stock bonuses to their quality assurance managers, but it is improbable that they offer this kind of bonus to this position.
  • Profit Sharing: The details regarding profit sharing within the company are kept within the company and are not given out to the public.

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