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History of Buffalo Wild Wings

James Disbrow a resident of Buffalo, New York was invited to go to Kent, Ohio to judge an amateur rodeo completion being held at Kent State University while he was there he tried to find a restaurant that sold Buffalo Style Chicken Wings with no success. He/She met his friend Scott Lowery and they both went looking for such a restaurant but instead opened up their own restaurant in Columbus, Ohio naming it Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. From that point on their Buffalo Wild Wings only grew along with them different sauces that they created to go along with the wings. Today they also offer Signature Dry Rubs. The company is now expanding its business into Canada.

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Job description/average wages

Food Servers: A food server is one takes the order from the customers then turns it into the kitchen for the cook to prepare. After which the food server brings the customers their drinks, salads and any snack foods that they may request. When the order is ready the server then delivers the food to the customer. They also give the customer their ticket and make sure that everything was to the customers liking. The average wage for a server is $4.73 an hour plus tips.

Cashier: The cashier takes the customers ticket and makes sure they are being charged the right amount of money and collects the money from the customer. Often they may take a credit card or a personal check for the correct amount of money for the order. The cashier must make sure that their cash drawer remains in balance at the close of the shift. The average wage is $8 to $11 a hour.

Bartender: You’re going to be in charge of running the bar area of the store.   You’re going to take orders, as well as ensure that the alcohol and more are all stocked up to par.   You will also assist waitresses with any orders that they may need from the bar itself.   The average wage is going to be anywhere from $6 to $18 a hour plus tips.

Cook: The cook is the one who prepares the Buffalo Wild Wings and other foods for the customers. They must make sure that everything is prepared properly. The chicken wings must be done not partially done. They also prepare for the customer the different sauces that they can serve with the chicken wings.   The average wage is $8 to $11 a hour.

General Manager: Working the store, you’re going to make sure that the store is running at 100%.   As a manager, you’re going to assign tasks, create schedules, as well as assist all employees in the store itself to ensure that it’s running smoothly.   If there are any problems, you’re going to report to the main manager of the district.   The average wage starts anywhere at $40,000 and goes up to $67,000 a year.

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  • Employees receive a competitive salary that is equal to wages in the area.
  • Eligible for bonus money through their bonus plan.
  • 401 (k) plans with a company match.
  • Employees are also able to be a part of the medical, dental, prescription insurance offered by the company.
  • Paid for any time off they need for sickness, holidays, etc.
  • Employee’s have the opportunity to buy stock in the company.

How to apply

Anyone who wishes to apply for a position at Buffalo Wild Wings needs to visit their website:


>> Download Buffalo Wild Wings Job Application



    • I’d very interested in working here!

    • I will like to work a t buffalo wild wings i eat their all the time the food is good, the people is nice, they have good server, you never wait for along time, but I will like to work for the company cause i think i can bring something to the table as well. I am a hard worker, I am always on time for anything…Work well with others, nice , good to get alone with…..And i think this company will be good for me … Thanks for the link to apply!

    • I will like to work at buffalo wild wings. I am hard worker,I love every thing buffalo wild wings. Thanks for link to apply.

    • I am very interested in working at buffalo wild wings i am able to work any shifts. I am also able to work with people my job will be very important to me i eat their all the time and as time do i’ll be able to deliver.

    • i’m 18 and have experience waitressing. I live in Coweta.

    • I Am Interested In Working Here. I Have Great Experience In Working Somewhere

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