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History of   Books-A-Million

Books-A-Million, Inc., is the fourth biggest book retailer in the United States, with combined annual sales of $172.3 million in fiscal 1995. The company controls 124 stores in 17 Southeastern states. Of these, 50 are Books-A-Million superstores, which present more than 3,000 magazine titles, 68,000 book titles, and 75 newspaper titles, as well as collectibles, cards, and gifts. Thirty-one are smaller Bookland stores, which are more traditional book stores, they offer books and periodicals and are primarily targeted to local markets too small to support a superstore. The leftovers are Bookland combination stores, which offer a full selection of cards and gifts in addition to the books and periodicals sold by traditional Bookland stores. They are located in small towns and target regional markets.

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Job Description/Average Wage

Team Member / Book Seller: The book seller and team member is going to be responsible for helping people find books, as well as help them with any questions that they may have with thier purchases.   You’re going to organize books, as well as make sure that the store is properly stocked to corporate standard.   The average wage is $7 to $10 a hour.

Cashier: The cashier is going to work the front of the store.   He/she is going to ring up people as they come to the front of the store.   You’re going to make sure that they are happy with tier purchase, as well as handle cash, and credit card transactions.   The average wage is anyhwere from $7 to $11 a hour.

Warehouse Worker: A Warehouse Worker is responsible for stocking merchandise and processing as well as shipping orders. Reports to the Supervisor of shipping and receiving. Duties and responsibilities: Verifies incoming shipments, frequently lifts and stacks cases of merchandise, expedites shipment from receiving area and stocks merchandise in designated area. Locates, verifies, lifts, selects, counts, and inserts merchandise into containers for shipment. Operates equipment for example an RF Scanner. Expedites outgoing shipment to designated shipping area. Operates electric cart and lift truck. The average wage for this job is $13 — $19 an hour.

Social Media Manager: As a Social Manager you are expected to perform the following:

  • Establishes and reports the metrics by which they will measure achievement in the digital and social networking programs and activities.
  • Works strictly with the Email Marketing Manager to incorporate email and social media marketing.
  • Drives assimilation of digital and social content and programs into strategic marketing planning, advertising, and promotions processes.
  • Manage on-line discussins by means of listening to users, reading between the lines, and responding in a well-timed manner to users’ needs and requests.
  • Understands social media universe including YouTube, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Flickr, Forums, Twitter, Wikis, blogs, etc.

The average wage is around $43,000 to $47,000 a year.

Programmer/Analyst: Responsible for defining requirements, analyzing, designing, coding, testing and supporting applications, with minimum direction and help from senior developers and management.   Prepares specifications and documentation as well as test plans, performs peer code reviews and testing,   follows established development, documentation, and system standards. The annual salary for this position is $43,000-$75,000.

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Human Resources Manager: Being the Human Resources Manager you are expected to execute the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Develops and maintains credentials of all agreement activities and communications.   Monitors and organizes detailed reports on compliance activities and other topics as needed.
  • Develop, revise and employ human resource policies and procedures to meet the needs of the business, comply with employment law requirements, as well as endorse positive associate relations.

The annual salary for the successful candidate is   $34,000 to $97,000.

How to apply

They’re seeking intelligent, communicative, career-minded individuals who struggle to provide perfect customer care in the exciting world of book retailing. Whether you want to serve customers in a local store as a bookseller or manager, support the current of merchandise as a warehouse clerk, or apply your knowledge as a corporate professional, they have exciting career opportunities for you to explore. Visit their website below to follow instructions on how you will apply.



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