American Apparel Job Application

History of American Apparel

The largest clothing manufacture in the United States, the retailer peforms it’s own design, advertising, as well as marketing campaigns.   You can find everything from vintage clothing, to denim and pants.   With more than 200 stores throughout the World, you will find that they have over 10,000 employees.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Sales Associate: You will be in charge of helping customers that come into the store, where you will answer questions that they may have.   You will help them find clothing, as well as help them with special orders.   You will keep the store organized, where you will fold clothing and more.   You will also be asked to run the cash register, where you will ring up orders, and more.   The average wage is around $8 to $10 a hour.

Key Holder / Assistant Manager: You will watch over an entire shift at a store.   You will help assign tasks, as well as help with various managerial paperwork.   You will help open up the shop, as well as close it down, when you have a late shift.   You will also assist various employees with duties that they need help with.   The average wage is around $9 to $13 a hour.

Inventory:   Working in inventory, you’re going to be in charge of making sure that the store is being ran according to company policy.   You’re going to help unload trucks, pack up supplies as well as send back any defected merchandise back to corporate.   If any problems do arise, you’re going to do your best to consult with the main manager on duty.   The average wage for this position can range from $8 to $12 a hour.

Store Manager:   The store manager is going to be responsible for watching over the entire store.   You’re going to be in charge of hiring employees, assigning tasks as well as doing other miscellaneous managerial paperwork.     If any problems do arise, you’ll report to corporate with any situation.   During your work periods, 99% of the time, you’re going to be completing many of the tasks that the sales associates perform.   The average wage starts at $13+ per hour.

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Benefits are going to vary from store to store.   Part time, as well as full time member benefits are going to vary.   The best way to find out about your benefits are by asking your hiring manager.

How to apply

To work in their stores, you can either fill out an application in store, or if you want to apply online, you can fill out an application form here.


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