History of Forever 21

The chain, formerly recognized as Fashion 21, was established in Los Angeles, California in 1984 by South Korean Dong-Won Chang and his wife, Jin Sook. The primary store opened on April 21, 1984. It was situated at 5637 N. Figueroa St. in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles. The store was only 900 square feet. It is still in function and bears the chain’s original name. Trendy designs seen in South Korea were sold and targeted to the Los Angeles Korean-American area. However, people from many other ethnicities began noticing the trend-setting fashion designs, and the store became progressively more admired. By the end of the first year, sales had risen from $35,000 to $700,000. Fashion 21 ultimately increased at the rate of a latest store every six months and changed the Fashion 21 brand name to Forever 21.

Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers with divisions in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and United Kingdom presenting fashion and accessories for young women and men.

Job Description/Average Wage

Online Marketing Assistant: The Online Marketing Assistant will be performing the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Bring up to date, track, and sustain all online marketing campaign results.
  • Work with Google, Yahoo, and Bing on search campaigns, updating search ad copy and optimizing for exchange rates.
  • Work with Dart or comparable ad service tool to provide display banner ads.
  • Examine latest blog sites and external sites for display ad opportunities for all brands.
  • Sustain SMS marketing calendar.
  • Update web campaign calendar as wanted and manage ad buys according to web calendar.
  • Pull logical reports on campaigns, internal search terms, and other reports as required.

This position pays an average wage of $37,000-$40,000 a year.

Visual Designer: As a Visual Designer, you will build up concepts, be aware of the mechanics and possesses the capability to engineer a thought into working visual elements allowing for easy installation at the store level. You will partner with the Creative Visual Manager to widen seasonal visual elements that exemplify and raise each brand. This candidate will develop latest visual elements for elevated profile stores. Other duties include:

  • Designing window ideas in corporation with Creative Visual Manager.
  • Setting up prototype windows and generates a how to command for store execution.
  • Participating in latest store openings and in-store visual set-ups when required.

This position will pay anywhere from $65,000-$88,000 a year.

Marketing Coordinator: As a Marketing Coordinator, you will generate, administer, and perform social media presence for 21Men, including Facebook, Twitter, and other appropriate social networks. Create, supervise, and execute the 21Men blog. Essential duties are as follows:

  • Generate and handle marketing campaigns to elevate awareness of 21Men and perform when necessary. May include joint venture promotions, events, and in-store initiatives.
  • Sustain dealings with outside vendors and partners.
  • Research, report, and stay present with men’s concerns and trends.

This job is going to pay anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000 a year.

Data Analyst: This position is accountable for ensuring competent, precise and appropriate analysis of store merchandise related data and will establish the number of units to be sent to each store. Essential functions include:

  • Sustaining worksheets analyses individual store performance and inventory levels through grouping and recommends improvements were required to augment sales.
  • Overseeing distribution levels and paths sales.
  • Reviewing reports every week with Buyers.

This job pays anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000 a year.

How to apply

Forever 21 is always looking for talented, reliable people to join their team. If you have what it takes, check their current openings or stop by any of their stores and fill out an application by clicking the link below:


>> Download Forever 21 Job Application