History of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor company is an American company that services in the automotive industry. Known as one of the leading automakers globally, it is the second largest automaker in the United States and the Fourth Largest in the world. With its other recognition, Ford continues to progress and build on improvements for innovation in the automotive scene.

Job Description / Wage Average

Sales and Customer Service Associate: The work of this employee is to provide assistance to a customer. If a customer needs assistance such as in answering their inquiries or if they are in need of clarifications from vague informations they know off, this associate will be the one attending to those kinds of needs. As for the sales, he/she is tasked to promote the company’s product and services by selling them from whatever perfect opportunity one can find. One can find opportunities for sales through the customers he/she gives assistance to or in providing alternative products and services that the customer can use for their satisfaction. He/She has to monitor customer’s question and has to make data especially on the most common complains and questions of the customers so that problems can be fixed and needs are attended. The annual wage average of this position ranges from $20,000 to $85,000.

Weld Engineer: This engineer specializes in developing welding procedures, solving welding related problems, creating designs and structures and eliminating defects to name a few. One has expertise in different kinds of metal as well as sorting every factors that can affect the performance of one’s created product through these procedures. There are a lot of various responsibilities that these engineer holds, most especially in securing the safety and efficiency of the welding process and the end products of it. This person will coordinate with other units such as with other specialized areas of product engineering. One will also test the results of the processes to ensure integrity and a high quality product. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $51,000 to $102,000.

Human Resources Associate: This employee will be working more on administrative works for  the Human Resource department. He/She will ensure that employees complement the vision and mission of the company. One has to organize files and documents in recruiting new employees for the company and has to see to it that policies and standard operating procedures are being uphold on daily processes. If problems are encountered he/she has to make scheduled reports on it. This personnel is concerned not only in the goals and objective of the company but also in the welfare of the persons working for it. The monthly wage average for this position ranges from $4,789 to $5,180.


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Company Holidays
  • Ford Flexible Work Program
  • Savings & Stock Investment Plan (401K)
  • Ford Retirement Plan
  • Vehicle Purchase Plan
  • Community Service Program
  • Ford Employee Recreation Program (FERA)

How to apply

You may apply online by selecting the job of your interest first. After selecting you are required to answer a questionnaire for you to be able to create your job profile. You can then submit your resume after doing these instructions. You can also submit your resume personally in the local offices nearest you.