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History of Yankee Candle

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The Yankee Candle Company Inc. is the primary maker of scented candles. Yankee Candle vends its candles through approximately 130 company-owned retail stores also through wholesale gift store customers who operate approximately 12,500 stores nationwide. The company’s products are obtainable in over 160 fragrances and are marketed as Yankee Candle branded products bearing the trade names Housewarmer, Country Kitchen, Aroma Formula, Flickers, and Frosted Favorites. Yankee Candle’s main store is situated in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, where the company also manages Chandler’s Restaurant and the Yankee Candle Car Museum, both of which are neighboring to the store.

In addition to its retail as well as wholesale sales, the company also vends its candles throughout direct mail catalogues and its Internet web site. The manufacturing operations are in Whately, Massachusetts, where the company sustains a 300,000-square-foot production facility. Globally, Yankee Candle vends candles through overseas distributors, and it manages a distribution center in Bristol, England.

Job Description and Average Wage

Store Manager: As a Retail Store Manager, you will be accountable for the management and leadership of a Yankee Candle Store. Usual task include supervising and driving daily sales performance. This sustains service and operational standards, manage, coach, counsel and train staff on sales program. This guarantees the safety and security for guests and staff, arranges cash reports and merchandise orders as well as other similar duties relating to the management of a retail store.

Average annual salary of this position is from $30,000-$44,000.

Assistant Manager: As a Retail Store Assistant Manager, you will be in charge for assisting in the management and leadership of a Yankee Candle Store. The Retail Store Assistant Manager gives assistance in the direction and leadership to a Yankee Candle Retail Store. The position will hire, staff, coach and develop store management teams as well as sales associates as a part of their succession plan.

The hourly pay is $11-$12 per hour.

Buyer: The Buyer is liable for leading exclusive and custom product development for latest product categories. The successful candidate will be accountable for managing development from conception to launch, and throughout the early stages of inventory management.   This includes but is not limited to, refining initial concepts, vendor sourcing, cost negotiations, managing overlapping timelines, and regulatory compliance also assuring that all vendors adhere to YCC rules.

An annual income from $44,000-$62,000 is offered for this position.

Director of Quality: The Director of Quality is directly accountable for developing, executing and leading the overall quality tactic for the organization, ensuring the short and long-term achievement of the total quality management program.  In addition, this position is liable for stability and quality testing, including the venture management of all respective timelines and assuring the on-time performance of all latest products.

The position can expect to get $93,000-$101,000 annually.

Senior Financial Analyst: The Senior Financial Analyst is accountable for supporting the daily operations within the group throughout the development, maintenance, and investigation of monetary models and analytical tools that support the business. This acts as a key participant in quarterly business plan reforecast and the annual budgeting process which comprises coordinating key timelines, sustaining close partnerships with budget holders, managing data collection and consolidation and helping in the overall review of monetary projections.

The average pay for this particular position is $49,000-$97,000 a year.

How to apply

You can apply for a job online by heading to the given site below. There you can search for other available positions.


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    • yes, I work at Yankee Candles through United Personnel and I enjoy working at Yankee Candles and I would be honor to be a full time employee for Yankee Candles.

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