Window Installer Job Description

The Window Installer usually works for a construction company or with a carpenter. Most Window installers usually average about $16.90 an hour for their service. They have a very good employment outlook. There are many new windows that need to be installed plus windows that need to be fixed or repaired. Many who work as a Window Installer are also Carpenters doing other important jobs like installing doors etc. Window installers need to use hand tools and power tools. They must use the utmost safety in their job position.

The Window Installer must be able to lift heavy windows into place in order to perform their job function. Many Window Installers work in pairs as this makes doing the job function much easier. The type of window glass used varies depending if they are working on a home or if they are working on a business. Some companies require bullet proof, storm proof, and other special types of windows. In some cases the Window Installer must climb to the top of tall buildings to do their job functions. The Window Installer must not be afraid of heights or enclosed places.

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The Window Installer works in all types of weather and street conditions. The Window Installer maybe required replacing a window that got broken or cracked during a storm. They may be required to put in new windows it depends on the job that they are working. It is very important that the Window Installer be bonded and has a good insurance in case of an accident. The Window Installer must work as an apprentice before he can accept jobs on their own. Most Window Installers work Monday thru Friday weekends only if very necessary. Their job is very important and they must be very precise with each installation.

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