Wet Seal Job Application

History of Wet Seal

The company is a young women’s clothing retailer headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California. It carries fairly priced brand name and company designed apparel and accessories. The company was established in Newport Beach, California by Lorne Huycke in 1962 as “Lorne’s.” The name of the company comes from a comment Lorne Huycke made during a fashion show remarking that a model wearing a bathing suit looked like a wet seal.

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In 1995, Wet Seal obtained 237 Contempo Casuals stores from the Neiman Marcus Group. Contempo Casuals would continue to utilize its own name until 2001, when the remaining stores were renewed into Wet Seal stores. The company then launched the Arden B. brand in November 1998 and altered most of the remaining Contempo Casual names to Arden B. In June 2010 the Blink by Wet Seal concept was proclaimed.As of November 22, 2006, Wet Seal has 428 locations in 48 states and Puerto Rico. The company reported to develop 50 new stores in 2011.

Job Description and Average Wage

Tax Accountant: The tax accountant position is responsible for the collection of tax-related information, reporting to taxation authorities in an appropriate manner, and advising management on the tax impact of a variety of corporate strategies. This devises tax strategies to defer tax payments. This makes tax data collection systems. The position will complete required tax reporting in an appropriate manner.

The average wage is around $61,000 to $65,000 a year.

Sales Associate: A Sales Associate’s job involves providing information about the products and services of the company to the clients in order to add to the company sales and to develop or sustain long-term affiliations with the existing and prospective clients. In addition, a sales associate helps in the development as well as in execution of sales programs, specifically in technical team support, customer site visits, trade show activities, as well as telemarketing.

The hourly wage is from $7-$9.

Assistant Manager: You will offer assistance to the manager yet you will have autonomous duties as well. As an assistant manager, you can appoint and terminate workers, make schedule of works and complete sales transactions with the clients. You will also give managerial support to daily administration of the company.

The average salary is $10-$14 per hour.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative will respond the transferred calls and please the customer’s queries with his best knowledge and experience. This vends the services and products to the customers with suitable system and has to fulfill the assigned objectives. A customer service representative will offer proper product and service information and in case of lack of knowledge, he/she has to transfer the call to his senior.

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The hourly salary for this position is $6-$7.

Store Manager: You will supervise, direct and plan for the operations of the store and will make regulations and policies for the enhancement of the organization. You will also manage and supervise the daily activities and operations of the business and will create a plan for the consumption of materials as well as human resources.

The annual pay for the winning applicant is  $24,000 to $50,000.

How to apply

If you want to apply for the job, or for the other available jobs they offer, you may visit them at their website and read further instructions on how you will apply for the position you desired.


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