Weatherford International Job Application

History of Weatherford international

Weatherford International Oil Field Services Ltd is a company that provides products and services for drilling, production, implementation, completion and evaluation of natural gas and oil wells together with pipeline construction and charging. This company is considered as one of the largest internationally known oil and natural gas service companies with more than 50, 000 employed individuals.

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Weatherford International was founded in the year 1940 with its headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland. As of 2007, its annual reported revenue was $7.8 billion in the oil services.

Job Descriptions and Wage Averages

Engineer: You’re going to formulate a research and create solutions to technical problems and issues existing in the company through the use of principles and theories that you have earned from studying mathematics and science. The common salary for this kind of job is $65,629 a year.

Field Engineer: You will aid the workers in the supervising field that are assigned in your area and assist in identifying field problems present during the completion of a project. You will then make a solution for such issues and refer to the Superintendent of the field if needed. The average salary for this job is $53,758 a year.

Project Manager: You’re going to supervise and manage all projects assigned to you and keep an eye on those tasks from beginning to end. You will constantly monitor on the workers if they are doing the right thing and implement stern schedule on when to finish a particular project. You will also take into consideration the financial budget the company sets for that project and at the same time keeping the quality of your task. The average wage for this job is $80,250 a year.

Mechanical Engineer: You will create and identify new set products of the company and make equipment/methods in accordance on fluid and hydraulic technologies. You will also have to collaborate with the architects and project teams of the company for the best design of plumbing systems and solve related problems. The common age for this kind of job is $75,380 per year.

Design Engineer: You’re going to conduct research and create ideas for the latest products and systems that are present in the company. You will then plan for ways on how to improve the performance and effectiveness of the present products and services and report such progress to the management by writing. The average wage for this job is $67,483 a year.

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Weatherford International has many benefits.   During the interview process, request benefit packages, or call the HR Department for more information regarding this matter.

How to Apply

Weatherford International is continuously looking for more individuals to become a part of their team. There are numerous upcoming projects for the company and so they need talented and skillful hand like yours. If you know that you have what it takes to become a part of this team then simply click on the link below to access their current job opportunities online.



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    • hello i am sameer working n rajastan in Barmer as HSE for ctc working for weatherford drlling international .i have all essential document requirefor the podt of hse also i have expirence also i know weatherford rule regulation regarding to safety

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