Waste Management Job Application

History of Waste Management

Waste management, Inc. is the North America’s primary supplier of integrated environmental answers. They partner with their consumers and communities to supervise and diminish waste from collection to disposal while recovering precious resources and creating clean, renewable energy.

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Their 45,000 workers are dedicated to Environmental Performance with their mission to exploit resource value, while diminishing environmental impact so that both of their economy and their environment can flourish. Serving more than 20 million industrial, residential, municipal and commercial clients, Waste Management posted $11.79 billion of incomes in 2009.

Job Description and Average Wage

Engineer I: This position will connect mainly in activities to advance the association’s sustainability initiatives, including supervision of byproducts and waste streams correlated with the waste-to-energy procedure. This diminishes the generation of wastes, exploiting byproduct excellence, re-use opportunities and worth.

Expected income for annual position is $52,000 to $66,000.

Production Worker: In this role, you will execute a selection of general manual duties, such as sweeping and painting, as part of a general team effort. You will keep and safely manage equipment, for example forklifts, and maintain records of work executed.   You will pursue standard safety methods, corrects safety and environmental risks, and reports them to the Shift Supervisor instantly.

The yearly average pay for this position is $55,000 to $60,000.

Shift Supervisor: This position is accountable for the safe and well-organized operation of the facility in accordance with all Company policies and standards. Shift Supervisor is accountable for directing and supervising Operations Department and other plant workers to guarantee the facility is managed and kept in a clean, safe and well-organized manner.

The hourly salary is around $8-$14.

Quality Assurance Analyst: This position will help the development of maintenance and operations performance through expanding and employing standardized procedures and reinforcing the employ of existing standardized procedures.   This person offers procedure analysis, project management and development support across a variety of areas of the business.

The annual average salary offered is $45,000 to $55,000.

Maintenance Supervisor: The assigned person will oversee maintenance staff. This position will install, examine, and test, adjust, repair, and calibrate the entire plant equipment and instrumentation. This Maintenance Supervisor will keep facility equipment to provide for safe, well-organized and cost-effective facility operation.

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As a Maintenance Supervisor of the company you will receive an annual salary of $60,000$65,000.


  • Comprehensive health care coverage
  • Prescription drug plan
  • Dental plan
  • Vision plan
  • short and long-term disability
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • Retiree medical
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Adoption assistance program
  • Education savings accounts
  • WM scholarship programs
  • Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Business travel accident insurance
  • 401(k) plan with a generous company match
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Legal services
  • Tuition reimbursement program

How to apply

Waste management is an equal-opportunity employer. They are frequently on the watch for smart, competent, qualified applicants. If you’re interested in joining their team, please click the link below to view their available positions and for more details.



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