US Census Bureau Job Application

History of US Census Bureau

US Census Bureau is a government agency responsible for the Census of the United States. With an estimated annual budget of $1.3 Billion, the census bureau serves a the leading source of   the country’s   people and economy. The census data gathered and studied by this agency can be use to decide location of new housings, demographics, plan transportation and roadways and create localized areas.

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Job Description/Wage Average

Statistician: This person works in the field of statistics that collects and organize data and be able to come up with business models, predict outcomes and analyze existing data that will contribute in the study of a certain problem or field. Certain problems that statisticians focuses on are problems that need to be quantified, modeled or predicted just like in tracking populations. Specifics and demographics are one of the sectors that statisticians works on. This person should work with personnel in special fields that are also concern in the statisticians research. The annual wage average of this position ranges from $67,000 to $85,000.

Field Representative: This representative goes to actual locations to collect raw data from subjects. This data are important in completing the study of personnels concern which in this service branch focuses on data regarding populations. This field representative will orient and inform subjects about the importance of conducting such activities. He/She will have to ensure that the data gathered are authenticated. The hourly wage average for this position ranges from $12 to $18.

Geographic Specialist: This specialist does measurements of land, air and water boundaries. He/She also come up with maps that were created using physical, social and historical information. The work of this specialist is important in studying one’s population so that studies and surveys conducted will have a scope of study in terms of geographical concerns. This specialist uses computers, mathematical methods, photography and satellites to measure such boundaries. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $67,000 to $72,000.

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Recruiting Assistant: This assistant primarily works in the Human Resource Department. This person will do clerical works such as filing, organizing and submitting documents, schedule meetings and interviews and provide other support to the HR department. One will also manage candidates and is responsible in identifying sources for qualified candidates. This recruiting assistant will participate in recruiting events such as receiving and screening resumes and inform clients of interviews. All of the activities done by this assistant is related to recruitment procedures. The hourly wage average for this position ranges from $17-21.


  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Coverage
  • Social Service
  • Paid Leave and Holidays

How to Apply

You can check their website for updates regarding job openings and you can also check for schedules of recruitment in your nearest area.


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