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History of Taco Bueno

Based in Farmers Branch, Texas, Taco Bueno is a fast food, casual based restaurant that uses nothing, but the freshest ingredients.   With over 120,000 employees throughout the United States, you can find more than 170+ locations in states such as Arkansas, Nebraska, as well as Oklahoma and more.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Cashier: Working as a cashier, you will find that you will work the front counter.   You will take orders, as well as process them.   You will help customers with any questions that they have, as well as give them their food when it’s ready to go out.   You may also be asked to work the drive thru as well.   The average wage is around $7 to $9 a hour.

Cook: Working in the kitchen, you will help prep food, stock ingredients, as well as help with opening, and closing the kitchen.   You will cook all orders to the customers sanctification.   You will help keep the kitchen clean, as well assist the manager with other various duties.   The average wage is $7 to $9 a hour.

Dishwasher:   The dishwasher is going to be in charge of making sure that all of the equipment stays clean in the back of the kitchen.   In your downtime, you’ll also assist the kitchen staff with any help that they need such as cleaning down counters, wiping down tables in the lobby as well as cleaning down bathrooms.   The average wage for this position can start at $7 per hour.

Assistant Manager: Working as an assistant manager, you will oversee shifts, when the main manager isn’t present.   You will help assign tasks, open up the restaurant, as well as shut it down.   You will also perform many of the other various duties that the team members perform.   The average wage for an assistant manager starts at $10+ a hour.

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Restaurant Manager:   As a main manager, you’re going to be in charge of running the whole restaurant.   You’re going to make sure that the company is running according to corporate guidelines.   You’ll assist with hiring employees, running various meetings as well as assist employes with other tasks that need to be done.   The average wage starts at $12+ per hour.


  • Medical package that includes vision, dental and more.
  • Retirement plan such as a 401K.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Discounts on your meal while eating.
  • Life insurance.
  • Paid time off for vacation, as well as sick time, and more…

How to apply

If you want to work with Taco Bueno, you can request a job application in the restaurant itself, or if you want to learn more about career opportunities, you can follow this career page as well.

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