Strack and Van Til Job Application

Strack and Van Til Job Application

A Strack and Van Til job application is available in the below section. This page goes through the history of Strack and Van Til, various job descriptions, benefits, and how to apply for a job at Strack and Van Til.

strack-and-van-til-logoHistory of Strack and Van Til

Strack and Van Til is the leading full service store that guarantees the finest quality products at best value. The company is providing customers with a friendly shopping experience in a clean and safe environment with the help of its committed employees.

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Strack and Van Til is guided with its Mission Statement of full service grocery and fresh food store committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Job Description/Wages Ranges

Cashier: The cashier to tasked to receive money from the customer for the goods purchased. He/She played a necessary role for smooth transaction of money between the customer and supplier.  You’re going to also make sure that the customers are happy with his/her service. If any problems do arise, you’ll do your best to contact the main manager on duty to get the problem resolved. The hourly rate is $7 to $12.

Overnight Stocker: The stocker’s responsibility is to add new product to the sales floor. He/She must replenish shelves that are bare or low in stock and mark each item with a price tag. He/She is also responsible for receiving deliveries and maintaining relationships with shipping staff. The hourly rate for stockers is $8 to $9

Baker: This position is responsible to cater customers’ needs; assist other staff; clean and sanitize department; operate scale, industrial mixer; properly fill and rotate product; operate oven, industrial mixer, doughnut fryer.

Drivers: He/She operates the delivery trucks to deliver supplies from one location to another. He/She is responsible also for loading and unloading the stocks.

Meat Department Clerks: The person assigned in this position is responsible in following company approved procedures for cutting meat products, price marking, and restocking cases to ensure quality protection, accuracy, and product rotation of the meat. He/She makes sure that the inventory control procedures are strictly followed to for product freshness, quality, turnover, and availability for optimum sales. He/She will also help customers and will properly merchandise products in display cases. The annual salary ranges $25K to $35K per year.

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The company offers different benefits for different positions. You may visit the brand store near you or the company’s website for more details about the company’s benefits.

How To Apply

If you are interested to any of the position, you may visit the store located near you or you can navigate the link in order to know more about the application process.



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