Seattles Best Coffee Job Application

History of Seattles Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee has started in the year 1970. It has been satisfying coffee lovers’ demand for great coffee, fueled by the simple notion that everybody deserves a more enjoyable coffee experience.

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Looking back at the company’s roots, the smooth roasting begins on Seattle’s Pier 70 at the Wet Whisker with a 12-pound roaster purchased from a beachside peanut vendor in Southern California. Soon after, Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market returned to public hands after initiative created a historic preservation zone. Lava Lamps make drinking Seattle’s Best Coffee ® at night way cooler. The roaster on Pier 70 is moved to Vashon Island. Stewart Brothers Coffee was then renamed Seattle’s Best Coffee, after winning a local competition.

Job Descriptions/Wage Averages:

Barista: Baristas are the one responsible in making and mixing different varieties of coffee in a coffee shop. They are responsible in serving hot or cold coffee, depending on the customer’s desire. Specifically, the tasks and duties of the barista include: making delicious and relaxing coffee; making and preparing different varieties of coffee mixes; doing coffee presentations; taking for orders and ask the customer’s desired coffee; preparing coffees according to customer’s order; serving hot or cold coffee to customers. The way of preparing coffee that this position should always consider is the company’s coffee making standards while trying to take into account the customer’s preferences as well. The expected rate is $8-$9 per hour.

Shift supervisor: The shift supervisor manages the team during his shift and is responsible for all the activities in the store which may include: delivering excellent customer service and customer management, at all times; serving and presenting coffee orders quickly and efficiently meeting the company’s standards and customer preferences; working for the current promotions and new products; managing the opening and closing of the store; dealing with customer complaints in a professional manner; maintaining accurate stock control, including ordering, delivery checks, line checks and wastes; carrying out instructions given by the management team and head office.

Cashier: The cashier receives the payment of the customers. He/she also works for the satisfaction of the customers and must be knowledgeable about the prices and prices adjustments if there any. He/she should efficiently manage the cash as well and properly turn-over them to the authorized person.

Store Manager: The manager manages the entire operation of the store. He/she should be the key person to perform planning and goal setting for the store. He/she hires and trains employees and gear them towards the attainment goals.

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The company has benefit package which may vary from one position to another; hence, you may contact the company or visit the company’s website to inquire about this.

How to apply

If you are interested to join the company’s team, you may visit this link and get directed to the list of vacant positions you want to apply.

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