Sears Job Application

Sears Job Applications

A Sears job application is available in the below section. This page goes through the history of Sears, various job descriptions, benefits, and how to apply for a job at Sears.Sears job application

History of Sears

The official name of Sears if Sears, Roebuck and Co. They were founded back in 1886 and currently hold their headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. In the early 2000’s, Sears successfully merged with Kmart, creating the company name Sears Holding Corporation.

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Sears is a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation and was founded in the year 1886 by Richard Warren Sears. Its headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States. This company is a chain of department stores and offers products such as clothing, footwear, furniture, bedding, beauty products, electronics and appliances. As of 2010, its reported revenue was US$ 22.937 billion.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sat: 7:00am-9:00pm, Sun: Hours vary by location

Minimum Age to Work Here: 16 years old

Positions Available: Driver, Shipping/Receiving Associate, Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, Cashier, Sales Associate, Hardware Associate, Automotive Technician, Auto Parts Associate, Merchandising and Pricing Associate, Tire/Battery Installer, Customer Service Associate, Office Associate, Service Technician, Area Merchandise Coach, Service Supervisor, Support Specialist, Inbound Customer Service Representative, Beauty Advisor, Beauty Sales Coordinator, Human Resources/Office Lead,

Background Check Required? Yes

Negotiation: There is no room for negotiation because the hourly rate has been set.

Sears Job Descriptions / Wage Averages

Sales Associate: Your duties will include everything from running a particular department, to assisting customers with whatever questions that they may have. You will have to stock shelves, clean up your department, as well as make sure the area is running smoothly. You are solely responsible in selling the products and available services of the company. You will also exert your best effort to generate higher income and increase the profit of the business. The average wage for this job is anywhere from $7 to $13 a hour.

Cashier: Your sole responsibility will be to man the cash register. You will ring up customers, as well as process any returns that they may have. You will also assist them, if they may have a question about a particular piece of merchandise. You are the one responsible in keeping outstanding customer service based on the company’s standards. You will accurately and effectively process sales as well as to secure the assets of this organization. You will also make sure that each customer gets an excellent service by giving them a friendly and welcoming environment by having sufficient knowledge on the products and services being offered. This position pays anywhere from $7 to $10 a hour.

Assistant Store Manager: You’re going to be the right-hand man/woman to the store manager. You will most likely run the store while the main store manager is out. You will ensure that the customer is getting help, the employees are doing their job, and the store is remaining clean at 100%. You will deliver a supervisory assistance to the daily administration of company’s operations and this includes hiring and firing of individuals, constructing work schedules as well as completing sales transactions.This position will pay anywhere from $30,000 to $52,000 a year.

Operations Manager: You are responsible in managing the routine operations and your basic objective is to explore for other ways on how to make the company more productive through supplying effective methods in its business operations. You will also help different programs of the company, prepare program budgets, manage inventory as well as to interview and guide employees. The average wage for this job is $48,702 a year.

Business Analyst: A business analyst will determine the aspects in this company where changes are important as well as to evaluate its impact to the profit to the business. You will also make research and document requirements and must meet those objectives in coordination with the IT department. The average wage for this job is $59,115 yearly.

Sears Benefits

  • Health / Dental
  • Short / Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Discount on Merchandise
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • 401(k)
  • Paid Vacation / Personal Days

Sears Atmosphere and Perks

The perks offered by the company are intended for both part time and full time employees. Most workers really love to work in this company with the fun and fast paced working place. Sears employees will have schedule flexibility, paid training, and competitively excellent industry pay rates. Eligible workers are also offered with health and wellness perks, future planning bonuses, and additional employment benefits like workers adoption assistance, store discounts, and paid time off.

Sears Interview Questions

How did you come up with an idea about the vacancy in this company?

Why do you want to work for Sears?

How flexible is your schedule?

What is your experience in the sales environment?

How will you apply quality customer service?

How will you exceed the company’s expectations?

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Describe how will you handle difficult customers and co employees?

What would you do if a customer is asking for discounts or if they will return the product they have paid for?

What are your qualities that will serve as a reason for Sears to hire you?

Sears Interview Tips

If you have submitted the information about your intention to work in the company, you will be called for an interview schedule which may happen within two weeks after the application has been submitted. The interview committee includes the shift supervisor, department manager, and store manager. Some Sears stores may only require applicants to sit through a single interview session, while others require several rounds of interviews. As an applicant, make sure you are dressed up professionally and must demonstrate exuding confidence, and a well motivated attitude. You should have shown your skills in the sales environment too in order to increase the chance of being hired.

How to apply to Sears

Since Sear’s holds many properties, you will have to submit your Sears job application online, where you can also apply for other jobs at Kmart, Land’s End, Craftsman, and more. You can browse for job openings your local area. If there is an open spot, you can apply for it on the Sear’s Career page.

If you don’t feel like applying for the job online, you can head to any store and request a Sears job application. Some stores also have kiosks set up, where you can apply for the job online.

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