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History of Sears Auto Center

At the close of its 2000 financial year, Sears managed 863 mall-based retail stores, mainly with co-located Sears Auto Centers, and an extra 1,200 retail locations including hardware, outlet, tire and battery stores as well as separately owned stores, mainly in smaller and rural markets.

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The company’s services procedures comprise product installation and repair services, service contracts, selected installed home improvements and direct reaction. Their direct answer includes direct response marketing, clubs and services memberships and merchandise throughout specialty catalogs.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. also is the popular owner of Sears Canada Inc., one of Canada’s biggest retailers. Sears Canada controls 125 full-line stores, 176 specialty stores, and 1,550 separately owned catalog agents and hometown stores.

Job Description / Average Wage

Customer Service: You’re going to assist customers coming into the auto center itself.   You’re going to help with them at the counter where you’re going to answer questions, as well as help them with any questions that they may have regarding the job.   This position will pay $8 to $11 a hour.

Auto Center Manager: This position is responsible for managing the whole auto center and associates, including the Assistant Manager, in auto centers with sales degree of $500,000 or more. This includes, but is not limited to, selecting, scheduling, supervising, directing, coaching, counseling, disciplining, and training of assistants, analyses and driving of sales capacity, customer service, prosperity and performance, identification and answer of business troubles, formation and implementation of viable strategies, managing productivity standards and overall auto center executive responsibilities. This position is responsible for the general management and performance of the auto center and its staff and other projects as assigned. The average wage for a yearly auto center manager is 42,100 dollars.

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Area Commercial Sales Manager: The Area Commercial Sales Manager is responsible for leading, directing and coaching the Commercial Account Managers in a precise geographic area. Key accountabilities embrace achieving economic and client pleasure results, and hiring, developing and managing marketable account managers. This position requires broad travel. Other responsibilities are to present disciplined leadership of the Commercial Account Managers including setting clear anticipations and holding the team accountable for results. He/She sets and manages to elevated standards which include taking important action with underperformers; teaches and develops the CAMs skill set to cultivate new commercial account business for the Sears Auto Centers. The average annual wage for an area commercial sales manager is $38,718 a year.

How to apply for the job

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