Savers Job Application

Savers Job Application

A Savers job application is available in the below section. This page goes through the history of Savers, various job descriptions, benefits, and how to apply for a job at Savers.Savers job application

History of Savers

Savers, Inc. is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, a privately held for-profit thrift store chain proffering secondhand shopping. An international company, Savers has over 200 locations all through the U.S, Canada and Australia, and receives its products through paying cash to non-profit organizations for donated clothing and household items.

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The company is recognized as Value Village in the Pacific Northwest and most of Canada but Village des Valeurs in Quebec. In Australia and other regions of the United States, the stores share the corporation’s name. Major owners are Tom Ellison, son of the founder Bill Ellison, and Freeman Spogli & Co. a private equity corporation.

Savers Job Description and Average Wage

Production Manager: The Production Manager helps sales and profits by means of managing and directing the daily functions of the production process as well as the community donation center. The production manager hires, trains, develops and guides a team that is devoted to providing value to customers and donors at every point of interaction.

She/he guarantees full implementation and support of all company policies, procedures, initiatives and tactical plans and will be accountable for opening, closing, operating and ensuring the safety and security of the store as well as Company assets in the absence of the Store Manager.

The annual average salary offered is $50,000 to $57,000.

Retail Sales Manager: The Retail Sales Manager effectively recruits, interviews and assesses store operations. This allows for the successful training of new employees. The position will supervise, assess, motivate employees. The manager will offer continuous, real-time feedback and other team members’ behavior and performance.

The salary to the successful candidate is $53,000 to $58,000 annually.

Store Manager: The Store Manager is accountable for overall financial outcomes of the store including sales, gross margin, expenses and profits. The Store Manager takes pride in ownership, knowing everything he or she does has an exact purpose that links productivity to business outcomes.

This achieves outcomes throughout his or her management team, role modeling expected behavior and continually observing, assessing, and coaching. A Store Manager motivates and supervises performance of the team with successful coaching, counseling as well as communication.

Successful candidate will receive an annual wage of $50,000 to $54,000

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Assistant Operations Supervisor: This position helps with the direction and synchronization of the operations department in accordance with Savers, Inc.’s policies and applicable laws. This comprises supervising company personnel and following company policies and procedures, company programs, and all other company policies and procedures designed to support the company core values as well as vision statement. He/she sustains company standards for customer service to make sure customers remain pleased and want to come back.

The average salary is $31,000 to $34,000 a year.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager is liable for all the tasks delegated to a manager when a manager is not around the workplace. It is the accountability of an assistant manager to report details of the workplace. An assistant manager should keep the manager updated all the time especially when the manager is not around the workplace.

The average wage is around $43,000 to $47,000 a year.

Savers Benefits

  • Merchandise Discounts
  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug Plan
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Vacation Pay
  • Sick Pay

How to apply to Savers

If you want to apply for the job you can submit a Savers job application on their career webpage below.

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