Sagebrush Steakhouse Job Application

History of Sagebrush Steakhouse

The first Sagebrush was opened in Hickory, North Carolina in 1990 and expansion to all over North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia followed. All sagebrush restaurants are offering high quality dining experience, adult beverages and full bar services. The restaurant prides to provide mouth watering appetizers and homemade desserts. This is a perfect venue for special occasions like family reunions, sporting events, business meetings and weddings.

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Job Description/Wage Averages

General Manager: If you are assigned as General Manager of the restaurant, you are the in charge of the overall restaurant operation. He/She has to supervise the restaurant including opening, mid and closing shifts and other key operation activities of the company. You will be coordinating staff and resources in a high volume environment; engaging in sales building skills, profit and loss knowledge. You must possess excellent communication skills, and a positive, results oriented attitude.     The average wage for this position starts at $14+ per hour.

Kitchen Manager: The kitchen manager takes the responsibilities of managing the kitchen as well as the resources and the people working in the kitchen area. He/She must to ensure that people working in the kitchen are performing their tasks for the attainment of company goals and to maintain the company standards in terms of food preparation.   The average wage for this position starts at $11+ per hour.

Bartender: The bartender deals with every restaurant guest — provides assistance and answers the needs of the customers. He/She must consistently provide beverages to recipe in a friendly Guest-first manner; maintain a well-presented, well-stocked, and clean beverage station.   The average wage for this position starts at $8+ per hour plus tips.

Server:   This person serves food and beverages for the customers according to company standards and the latter’s preferences; provide the guests with a clean, comfortable environment for their dining experience.   The average wage for this position starts at $3+ per hour plus tips.

Prep Cook: This position is in charge in preparing and cooking food for the guests; ensuring that all equipment, utensils and working areas are maintained for cleanliness; coordinating prep amounts with managers, follow recipe instructions, use checklists and prep sheets; foolowing food handling guidelines.   The average wage for this position starts at $9+ per hour.

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The company is providing competitive wages and benefit package that differ from one position to another. You may visit the Sagebrush Restaurant location near you or visit the company’s website for more details.

How To Apply

If you have interest to apply for any position, you may visit the link for your online application and to get details about the current job openings.

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