Prudential Job Application

History of Prudential

Prudential plc is a financial services company that operates world wide. The company specialized in Life Insurance that is known to be one of the top and   largest   insurance providers in several countries such as in UK, Hong Kong and India. Founded in 1848 and is currently headquartered in London, United Kingdom, this company now have a revenue of 20,299 million pounds.

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Job Description/Wage Average

Project Manager: This person manages and execute project plans of the company. This person will lead a team that will carry out project plans that will be responsible in the success of the different operations and performance of the company. One has to be very attentive not in every process of the project from planning to execution. This manager has to ensure that outcomes are of high quality standards. In doing projects, this manager is responsible in determining budgets, resources and a feasible plan that will meet the objectives and purpose of the project. This manager must be organize and has to see to it that there is control in how the project should be carried out. Projects must be on time and if ever delay occurs this manager must know how to handle such situations. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $58,000 to $110,000.

Market Research Analyst: How the company will be visible in the market is an important factor to be able to be recognize in the scene. The market research analyst will study how plans and products perform in the market and what are the leading products and services consumer and clients patronize. Such studies will be very influential in the operation and upcoming projects and plans of the marketing department of the company. If study shows that a company’s product performance is going down in the market, personnels involve will do ways to undo such events. The job of this analyst is to provide and find information to determine what are the best ways and alternative strategies for marketing improvement. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $43,000 to $46,000.

Sales Agent: A sales agent is responsible in promoting the products and services of the company through sales. In selling, one must be able to highlight the benefits a client can gain. He/She must be able to convince clients that what they are buying is the right decision. This agent should be able to gain the trust of the clients and in order to do, he/she should have a good public relations and interpersonal communication skills. The agent should be able to relate the products to the necessity of the client. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $25,000 to $27,000.

Realtor: is a real state agent that finds sellers and buyers of real estate properties. This person also assist sellers in to selling their properties in the most possible highest price under the best term. They also assist buyers in purchasing property in the most lowest possible price. To be able to be called a realtor they must be a member of the National Association of Realtors. Often people ask between the difference of a real estate agent and a Realtor, the only difference between the two is that a realtor is a member of the stated organization above and a real estate agent is not. To be able to be an agent or realtor, this person must first obtain a license. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $40,000 to $44,000.

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  • Salary and Bonus
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Childcare vouchers.
  • Critical illness insurance.
  • Cycle to work scheme.
  • Dental cover.
  • Healthcare Assessment.
  • Healthcare cash plan.
  • Holiday entitlement – you can choose to buy up to 13 days a year (in addition to your 20 days core holiday and eight statutory holidays).
  • Holiday vouchers.
  • Leisure vouchers.
  • Leisure travel insurance
  • Life Assurance for my partner
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Private medical insurance.
  • Retail vouchers.

How to Apply

You need to create a candidate profile in the company’s website to be able to provide the company with the necessary informations needed. You may then search and apply for the job that you want after creating the profile. A resume is also required to be submitted.


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