Price Chopper Supermarkets Job Application Online

History of Price Chopper Supermarkets

Founded back in 1933, the official headquarters for Price Chopper Supermarkets can be found in Schenectady, New York.   With more than 24,000 employees, you can find more than 100 locations throughout the United States, mainly in the Eastern states..   Known for their private label brands, they strive to give customers the cheapest prices possible.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Cashier: Working in the front of the store, you will be responsible for running the cash register.   You will ring up customers, answer questions that they may have, as well as accept coupons, count change and more.   In your downtime, you will help with keeping the front of the store clean.   The average wage for a cashier is around $7 to $9 a hour.

Bagger: The bagger is going to bag groceries and assist the cashier with their orders.   You’re going to also help with cleaning the front end of the store, the bathrooms and more.   You’re going to ensure that the customer is happy with their purchase.   You will also help with collecting carts, and helping customers with their order.   The average wage is $8 to $10 a hour.

Stocker: Working as a stocker, you will work on the main grocery store.   You will gather items from the back, bring them to the front, and ensure that the floor is as clean as   possible.   You will also assist customers with any problems that they may have on the floor.   You will stock shelves, price items, as well as take expired items off the shelf.   The average wage starts around $9 a hour.

Grocery Clerk: The clerk is going to work the main floor where you’re going to stock the shelves, as well as make sure that the store department is stocked at 100%.   You’re going to organize, as well as help the customers with any questions or concerns that they have.   You will help with cleaning and taking expired food off the shelf.   The average wage is $9 to $14 a hour.

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Supervisor / Manager: Working as a supervisor / manager, you’re going to watch over a specific department.   You will assign tasks to employees, as well as make sure that they are all doing it according to company policy.   You will also help assist employees with whatever duties that they need help with.   The average wage is around $13 to $19 a hour.


  • Health insurance package that includes vision, dental and more.
  • Life insurance, disability.
  • 401K retirement package.
  • Paid time off that includes personal, vacation, holiday.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Scholarship opportunities, and so much more…

How to apply

If you want to get a job with the Price Chopper supermarkets, you can fill out an application in store, where you can request one at the customer service desk.   You can also start the job application process online as well by going to this application page.


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