Pollo Tropical Job Application

History of Pollo Tropical

It was in the year 1988  when Brothers Larry and Stuart Harris open first Pollo Tropical ® in Miami at 741 NW 37th Avenue.  Since then, it has grown into a big restaurant with several branch openings. Imagine the following greta facts about Pollo Tropical- Pollo Tropical ® serves 24 million pounds of chicken annually = 225 Boeing 737 jets; 900,000 gallons of secret marinade is used annually = one entire Olympic size swimming pool; Each year customers order an average of 1.9 million pounds of yuca which = nearly 130 elephants; 4.6 million pounds of rice are cooked each year = 82 rail cars. It has 120 locations throughout Florida, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Trinidad, Honduras, Venezuela and Ecuador. The company also licenses the concept at Florida International University, University of Florida and Florida State University.

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Pollo Tropical ® is famed of its quick-service restaurant concepts. The menu started with a simple recipe for citrus-marinated chicken grilled on an open flame; it offers the signature grilled chicken to our mojo pork, guava barbecue ribs and world-famous TropiChops ®, Pollo Tropical ®.

Job Description/Wage Averages

Cook : This position is responsible in preparing food using the restaurant   specifications, policies and procedures. He/She must observe all food safety standards including proper food preparation.

Prep Cook: This person is in charge in preparing food for guests; ensuring that all equipment, utensils and working areas are maintained for cleanliness; coordinating prep amounts with following recipe instructions, using checklists and prep sheets, responsible for following safe food handling guidelines.

Cashier: This position handles cash of the company; process bills and receives payments for orders whether in cash or through credit cards.

Line Expediter: This person runs food to table and works with the Server in the provision of table service ; properly positions food at table; serves as the Liaison between Server and kitchen staff ; ensures proper portion control ; keeps expo area clean and organized; ensures trays are stocked and clean and that order tickets are properly placed ; responsible for timing of food orders and alerts management ; and assembles orders.

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The company offers competitive salary and benefit package which may differ from one position to another. To know more on this, you may visit the location near you or the company website.

How To Apply

If you are interested to join the team, you may submit your online application through: http://pollotropical.com/employment.aspx

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