Pizza Ranch Job Application

History of Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch began in Hull, Iowa, in 1981, as a brainchild of Adrie Groeneweg, who was just 19 years old.  The first menu was developed by Adrie’s mother, and included six specialty pizzas and single topping pizzas. The sauce and the dough were made from scratch, and the cheese grated by hand, while other ingredients were purchased or pre-made.

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Pizza Ranch ® specializes in pizza and chicken, has grown continuously and now has franchises in nine states. What makes Pizza Ranch ® different from its competitor is that you get a pizza/chicken/salad bar buffet, carry-out your pizza, or have your box of chicken delivered right to your home.

Job Description/Wage Averages

Assistant Manager: This position works with the restaurant general manager. He will help in providing exceptional food quality and guest service; help in the training and development of their staff.   He/She will focus on building sales, controlling costs, and learning all aspects of the business. The expected annual salary ranges $14K to $16K.


Pizza Delivery Driver: Pizza delivery driver responsibilities focus on delivering food to customers promptly and efficiently ; as delivery driver, you must maintain a reliable form of transportation;   operate vehicles during shifts and must also possess the state minimum vehicle insurances required in their area of operation as well as a valid driver’s license. The hourly salary ranges $7 to $8.

Pizza Chef: Pizza chef prepares the pizza dough, grate cheese, slice and chop pizza toppings such as vegetables and meats. Some also make fresh tomato sauce, while others use prepared sauce. He/She will make pizzas and other foods according to customer orders.   The hourly salary ranges $7 to $8.

Director of Purchasing: The primary role of this person are negotiating purchasing contracts, managing commodity based cost and establishing distribution cost controls.

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Payroll Manager: The Payroll Manager will ensure all aspects of store-level payroll and sales tax processes.   Working closely with corporate, you’re going to assist with counting hours, creating paychecks as well as answering any type of inquires from current employees.   The average wage for this position starts at $13 per hour.


The benefits offered by the company vary from one position to another; if you want to know more details on these, you may visit the location near you or the website.

How To Apply

If you are interested to join the company’s team, you may check on this website: or send your resume and cover letter in person to the location near you.

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