Palomino Restaurant and Bar Job Application

History of Palomino Restaurant and Bar

Kincaid’s is a Restaurants Unlimited, Inc. (RUI) brand. Restaurants Unlimited has 46 restaurants in 11 states which include Palomino, Kincaid’s, Horatio’s and Skates on the Bay in the greater San Francisco area. This is a restaurant for those who love traditional fish, chop and steak house. Hence, this makes Palomino a great place to dine with its warmth, memories and flavors that every customer love.

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Job Description/Wage Averages

Procurement Manager: This position is tasked to establish negotiated contracts and build strong relationships with suppliers while ensuring lower costs at quality products.

Wait Staff: Working on the wait staff, you’re going to assist with sitting customers, taking their orders as well as making sure that everything is going according to plan. If any problems do arise, you’ll do your best to help resolve them or even have a main manager intervene.

Vendor Sourcing and Management: The tasks of this position include overseeing and guiding the preparation and management of contracts and agreements within the purchasing department; ensuring programs are in place to monitor and manage effective vendor performance, and adherence to contracts; managing and optimizing supplier performance, including continuous improvement, innovations, and reduction in total cost of ownership; managing and building a supply channel designed to protect the company brands; conducting supplier and distributor pricing audits as needed to verify pricing accuracy aligned with contract agreements; providing guidance to senior leadership on supply chain threats relative to safety and/or market instability or any other issues that may compromise the company’s ability to meet its projected objectives.

Sous Chef: This position has the key responsibilities for the program sales growth and these include Kitchen program labor and food cost goals; strong safety and housekeeping standards; internal mentoring and staff development.

Accounting Manager: This position is responsible for timely and accurate reporting of corporate financial results in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. This role is required to ensure conformance with regulations and financial and operating controls. Responsibilities include the direction of monthly closing functions, implementation of new accounting and reporting requirements and a variety of duties within the RUI Finance Department.

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The company offers different benefit package for different positions; hence, you may contact the store near you or the company’s website for more details.

How to Apply

If you are interested about joining the team, you may visit for your online application and to know more about job vacancies.

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