O’Charleys Job Application

History of O’Charleys Restaurants

A casual dining based restaurant, you can find over 200+ locations across the United States.   While many of them are company owned, you can find some franchised owned ones here, and there.   You can find many locations in states such as Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and more.     Today they employ well over 20,000 employees, and come close to doing over 1 billion in revenue on an annual basis.

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Hours of Operation:   Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-10:00pm; Fri-Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-9:00pm

Minimum Age to Work Here:   16 years old

Positions Available:   Host, Hostess, Server, Waiter, Waitress, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Bartender, Dishwasher, Busser, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Service Manager, General Manager

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   There is no room for negotiation for the hourly rate and the job benefits are already set.

Job Description / Average Wage

Hostess: You’re going to seat customers as they come into the restaurant.   If the restaurant is busy, you will find that you will have to take reservations for the future.   You will help assist customers with questions, as well as help seat them when the time is right.   You will also assist the wait staff with any problems that they may have.   The average wage is anywhere from $8 to $11 a hour.

Cook: You’re going to help prep the kitchen, as well as open and close it down.   You will cook orders to perfection, as well as help the wait staff with any issues that they may have.   You will clean down equipment, as well as make sure that the restaurant is running at 100%.   The average wage is $8 to $11 a hour.

Waiter / Waitress: You will take orders, as well as make sure that the customer is outright happy.   You will fill drinks, bring out food, as well as make sure that the food is cooked to perfection.   If the customer has a problem, you will do your best to fix the issue.   The average wage is $2 to $4 a hour, plus tips.

Supervisor: The supervisor is going to watch over the entire shift.   You’re going to ensure that the whole shift is running according to plan.   You’re going to assist with customers, assign tasks, as well as help open and close down the restaurant.   You’re going to also want to make sure that the store is running according to corporates guidelines.   The average wage is $9 to $14 a hour.

Door Team: These employees must maintain restaurant cleanliness, guest service over the phone and assisting with to-go orders are all components of your role.

Server Team: These positions thrive by anticipating our guests’ needs and providing each one a positive memory of their visit. Understand our menu and our guests to create an experience that brings them back and encourages to return in the restaurant.

Kitchen Team: The accuracy and speed with which you prepare the recipe is a critical part of the guest experience. O’Charley’s varied menu, but your skill in preparation makes it a meal to remember. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, keep a quick pace and a calm demeanor are musts on the kitchen team. Working neatly and following food handling and sanitation procedures are a big part of your responsibility.

Bar Team: The responsibilities include: Creating relationships and memorable visits for our guests begin with your outgoing, welcoming personality. You will make and serve drinks for guests in the bar and in the dining room for pick up by servers. Guest service, overall cleanliness of the bar area and creating the perfect drink by recipe are your passions.

Dish Team: A great guest experience begins with everything running smoothly. It starts with the right plateware and glassware, clean and ready to use to complement our awesome food and beverages. Keeping the dish area clean and maintained and the dishes stocked are part of your responsibilities.

Atmosphere and Perks

The workplace, O’ Chalie is assured to be filled with fun with a lot of room for career advancement and professional growth. This is an equal opportunity employer who offers competitive salary, paid quality training, and flexible work hours for those who are in the entry level positions. If you become a qualified employee, you will receive extensive perks and host of benefits including, 401(k), medical, dental, and vision, Employee Assistance Programs, ownership programs, paid vacation, competitive salary and base-pay rates, and many more.

Interview Questions

Why did you apply in this company?

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Why should the company hire you?

How flexible is your schedule?

Can you describe your favorite restaurant?

What drinks do you know how to make?

How would you deal with a customer who become disorderly when they get drank?

Describe your customer service experience?

What experience do you have handling money?

How well do you work in a loud and hectic environment?

Will you work at  O’Charley’s for longer years?

Interview Tips

The O’Charley’s interview process differs depending on the position. If you are one of the potential applicants, you will be informed about the interview schedule. When you are called for an interview, make sure you are well dressed which somehow show that indeed you can handle the task well. The interview questions usually revolve but your previous experiences, questions to gauge your personality and your ability to deal with people and your skills relevant to the position. Your customer service abilities are of great importance. Impress your interview with your knowledge and skills when it comes to dealing with the customers. You should show that you are suited to the position and that you are interested enough to get a job from the company.


  • Medical package that is going to include dental, vision, as well as medical
  • Long and short term disability
  • Retirement package that includes 401K and stock purchasing plans
  • Paid time off with personal days, vacation and more…

How to apply

If you want to join the O’Charleys team, you can either request an application in the actual restaurant, or if you wish to apply online for management positions, and more, you can follow the following link.



    • I would love to be a waitress at O’Charley’s because i have worked two hours with my church at a special event called The Valentine’s Banquet.

    • i really like eating and work here at ocharly. everyone should really apply here, it’s a fantastic place to work.

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