Modell’s Job Application

History of Modell’s

The company is a sporting goods retailer with locations in the Northeastern United States. Modell’s carries both sporting goods and related apparel. Modell’s presently has 137 retail locations in ten states and the District of Columbia as of 2008. The company reported revenue of around $635 million dollars in 2007.The chain was established as a single store by Morris A. Modell in 1889 in New York City, making it probably the third oldest sporting goods store in North America. The Company, an immigrant from Hungary, opened the primary location on Cortlandt Street in Lower Manhattan.

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Through the years it has remained a family owned business passing throughout four generations of the Modell family. While best recognized as a sporting goods retailer, Modell’s also operated a chain of full-line discount retailers in the New York-metro area recognized as “Modell’s Shopper’s World” from the early 1960’s up until 1989 when the company decided to center on its sporting goods operations partly due to amplified competition in the discount retailer market.

Job Description and Average Wage

Visual Graphic Designer: The position will <design and concept development for sign programs and seasonal marketing supporting the visual tactic. The assigned person will make production ready artwork for all program and release to printers. He/she constructs production ready artwork for each program and release to printers. This position requires the capability to quickly scrutinize and resolve ad production dilemmas, work well under pressure, correspond effectively with coworkers and must be able to juggle multiple competing priorities. This supervises design files for all vendor supplied artwork and logos.

Expected income for annual position is $35,000 to $38,000.

Merchandise Planner: A Merchandise Planner will effectively supervise and communicate the open to buy, by department, and class to buying team. The position works with analyst to ensure implementation of the suitable inventory levels through location to enable stores to attain their sales, turn, and margin goals. Merchandise Planner offers divisional, and departmental intelligence, and exception reporting to buying team. The position performs ending inventory tactic in accordance with product roll-up to ensure sales, turn, and margin goals.

The yearly average pay for this position is $58,000 to $76,000.

Buyer: A Buyer will develop and approve assortment plan in accordance with the Modell’s Merchandising Strategy of being the compelling and convenient that upshots in achieving sales, turn, also margin goals. The Buyer develops individual vendor strategies for all brands suitable to area of accountability which exploit merchandise profitability, payment terms, and co-op programs, as well as optimizing any discretionary opportunities for example close-outs or markdown funds.

The annual average salary offered is $44,000 to $62,000.

Sales Associate: This position is accountable for providing excellent customer service to customers and executing operational duties that drive sales all through merchandising, register functions, store cleanliness, and other related duties. An associate must be polite, efficient, and able to hand vend to customers so that their needs as well as anticipations are met or surpassed.

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The average wage is $7-$8 per hour.

Assistant Store Manager: An Assistant store manager guarantees the staff gives outstanding customer service since they are the ones in control for resolving customer dilemmas, before transferring them to the store manager. The position also corroborates inventory and makes sure all shifts have corresponding staff to handle the front desk, cashier, stocking room along with other tasks during store hours.

Your average wage will be from $38,000-$52,000 a year.

How to apply

Visit the link below to learn why you should work at Modell’s and apply for your desired job. Modell’s is an equal opportunity employer. Visit the site to view their career page.

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