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History of Mimi’s Cafe

Founded back in 1978, Mimi’s can be found in more than 24 states.   They are known for their freshly cooked meals, as well as their great atmosphere, making it feel like you’re at a local, small Mom and Pop cafe.   With quality ingredients that are used, you will find that you can eat both inside, as well as take food to go.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Server / Waitress: Like any other waitress job, you’re going to be in charge of helping customers with their order.   You will take a order, refill drinks, as well as bring their food to their table.   You will want to ensure that they are happy with their meal.   If anything is wrong with their experience, you will be sure to make everything right.   The average wage is around $2 to $5 a hour, plus tips.

Cook / Kitchen Staff: Working in the kitchen, you will be in charge of prepping the kitchen, as well as stocking ingredients, and more.   You will make sure that you cook all orders by the corporate guidelines.   You will help open the kitchen, as well as close it down, when it is necessary.   The average wage is around $8 to $12 a hour.

Dishwasher:   A dishwasher is going to work in the back of the kitchen.   Your duties are going to include washing dishes, cleaning up the kitchen as well as making sure that all of the tables are cleaned out on the main floor.   In your downtime, you’ll assist with cleaning other various items such as the windows, bars and more.   The average wage starts at $8+ a hour.

Assistant Manager / Supervisor: Working as a supervisor, you will be in charge of overlooking a shift.   You will assign tasks to employees, as well as help employees with any job that needs to be done.   You will assign tasks, as well as help open, and close the cafe down when the manager isn’t present.   The average wage starts around $28,000 a year+.

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Your benefits are going to greatly vary, depending on the position that you want to apply for.   You will also find that a part time, as well as full time worker will have their benefits vary.

How to apply

If you want to apply for a job at Mimi’s Cafe, you can request a job application in the cafe, or if you want to download an application, you can download one here, where you can bring it into a cafe near you.

>> Download Mimi’s Cafe Job Application


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