Michael Kors Job Application

History of Michael Kors

The company offers two primary collections: the Michael Kors luxury collection and the MICHAEL Michael Kors accessible luxury collection.

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1981… Michael Kors Collection was then introduced and had made a reflection to the peak of luxury. This collection serves as the beginning of the company’s semi-annual runway shows. The collection is being brought to the different stores and branches in the world. In the Michael Kors Collection, this includes accessories. Many of them are made up of high quality leathers and other exotic skins.

In 2004, MICHAEL Michael Kors Collection was introduced. These collections were shared and published as the company realized that they still have the opportunity to capitalize the strength of the former collection and to meet the demands of the customers for the accessible luxury products.

Michael Kors, a world-renowned designer, personally leads our experienced design team. Mr. Kors and his team are responsible for conceptualizing and directing the design of all of our products, and their design leadership is a unique advantage that we possess. Mr. Kors has received a number of awards, including the CFDA Women’s Fashion Designer of the Year (1999), the CFDA Men’s Fashion Designer of the Year (2003), the ACE Accessory Designer of the Year (2006) and the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award (2010). These and other awards recognize the contribution Mr. Kors and his team have made to the fashion industry and our Company.

Job Description/Wage Averages

Shop Manager Rtw: As  a member of the Michael Kors Retail Development team, the Shop Manager is responsible for the management of the Michael Kors wholesale Shop-in Shop within assigned department store (retail partner).  Responsibilities include: achieving and exceeding sales plans, driving full price sales, conducting trainings, and maintaining visual merchandising standards in the Michael Kors Shop-in-Shop. Ensure the support and partnership of retail partners’ associates for the benefit of the Michael Kors Shop-in-Shop business. The annual rates range $54K to $74K.

Account Executive/Director, Ecommerce & Online Marketing: The Director, Ecommerce & Online Marketing is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company’s ecommerce site, as well as developing and leading the strategy for its long-term growth. This position receives $55K to $61k.

Sales Associate: This position is in-charge in generating sales. He is kept focus to the sales quota the company aimed to achieve. He will also assist the customers I getting the products they need as well as answer their inquiries about the products. The rate is $15 per hour.

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Sales Supervisor: The sales supervisor keeps the manpower focused in attainting the sales goals of the company. He sets sales activities, plans out for it implementation of plans and strategic sales activities. He   will receive an annual salary of $20K to $22K.


The benefit package for different positions may differ due to some factors; if you want details on this, you may check on the company’s website.

How to Apply

If you are interested to join the company’s team, you can check on this link: http://www.destinationkors.com/#/careers/mk

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