McDonalds Job Application

McDonalds Job Application

A McDonalds job application is available in the below section. This page goes through the history of McDonalds, various job descriptions, benefits, and how to apply for a job at McDonald’s.McDonalds job application

History of McDonald’s

McDonald’s is currently the World’s largest fast food chain. Known for their hamburgers, McDonald’s serves over 45 million customers on a daily basis. A place like McDonald’s primarily serves things such as hamburgers, french fries, chicken items, as well as breakfast, shakes, and more.

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Hours of Operation: The store hours may depend on the location of the store.

Minimum Age to Work Here: 16 years old

Positions Available: Crew Member, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager / Manager Trainee, Restaurant Manager, Administrative / Office Support, Area Supervisor, Beverage Specialist / Crew Trainer, Lot & Lobby Person, Full-Time Maintenance Worker, Part-Time Maintenance Worker, McCafe Crew Member, Order-Taker/Cashier, Order-taking Associate, Part-Time Cashier, Restaurant General Manager, Shift Leader, Supervisor, Swing Manager, Building Services Specialist, Cashier, Drive-Thru Cashier, Closer, Coffee Specialist, Drive-Thru Crew Member, Equipment Technician, Floor Supervisor, General Manager, Grimmer Crew Member, Host / Hostess, Janitorial Crew Member,

Background Check Required? Yes

Negotiation There is no room for negotiation.

McDonalds Job Descriptions / Wage Averages

Cashier: You’re paid on an hourly basis and are responsible for ringing up customer’s orders with thru the drive-thru, or at the counter. The average wage for this job is $6 – $9 a hour depending on your location.

Drive Thru Cashier / Team Member: This position gears toward those that are going to work in the drive thru only. You will take orders, count cash and ensure that the customer gets his/her food in an orderly fashion. You will also make sure that the cars get in and out in a specified allotted time. The average wage for this position varies anywhere from $8 to $11 a hour.

Crew Member: A crew member is responsible for doing just about everything throughout the restaurant. From cleaning the bathrooms, to cleaning the dining room area, as well as cooking food. The average wage for this job is $6 – $9 a hour.

Fry Cook: A fry cook is going to work the grill in the back. He/she is going to be responsible for cooking the fries, as well as other items such as burgers and more. You will also help prep food in the morning, preparing items such as the breakfast burrito, salads, as well as helping with opening and closing the restaurant down. This job is very similar to the crew member position but gears more toward working in the back. The average wage is anywhere from $7 to $11 an hour.

Shift Manager: A shift manager is going to be responsible for managing  a shift. While you won’t be running the store itself, there’s a good chance that the main store / assistant manager is going to be there. The average wage for a shift manager is anywhere from $9 to $15 a hour.

Assistant Store Manager: You’re going to be responsible for overseeing all of your crew members on the floor. You’ll be in charge of telling crew members what they are going to be assigned, as well as assisting during business hours. The average wage is anywhere between $18,000 a year to $35,000 a year, depending on your location, experience, and more.

McDonalds Benefits

  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Short and long term disability
  • Life insurance
  • Base pay / incentive pay
  • Company car program
  • Profit sharing programs
  • 401K
  • Mc$ave
  • Financial planning
  • Paid Vacation / Sick leave
  • Child care discount
  • Adoption assistance
  • Education assistance

These benefits are going to vary, depending on the level that you’re going to work. (divisional, regional, corporate)

McDonalds Atmosphere and Perks

You can have flexible workweek; thus, you will be able to be comfortable with the schedule you will have. The workplace is fun and fast-paced. Everyone has room for growth. All employees will be able to avail product discounts, paid trainings and competitive salary rates. Eligible employees are entitled of pension and retirement plan, medical and health benefits and other company perks.

McDonalds Interview Questions

What kind of person are you?

What are your skills which are best suited to the company?

What made you informed about this vacancy?

Why did you leave your previous job?

What are the things you think the company will be able to offer you?

How long will you be staying in the company?

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What is customer service and how will you apply it in the workplace?

If there are issues with your co-workers, how will you handle this?

What are your career plans?

How many hours will you be available to work?

McDonalds Interview Tips

The interview process is easy. It will take you 5 to 10 minutes in answering the interview of the store manager. Wear an appropriate dress. Answer the questions tactfully and with all honesty. The McDonald’s interview usually one-on-one with the store manager. The questions are purposely for them to gauge your personality and for them to judge if you are best fitted to the job. Make sure to be cheerful show how skillful you are in dealing with people.

How to apply to McDonalds

It is recommended that you submit your McDonalds job application online via their online career search page.  Search for a job title that you’re interested in, and see if local participating jobs are available.

You may also head to your local shop and ask for a McDonalds job application in person. As each franchise is different and applications can change on a monthly basis, so it is best to check with your preferred McDonald’s location.

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