Lego Store Job Application

History of the Lego Store

Operating more than 40 stores throughout the world, you can find around 30 of them in the United States, as well as some in countries in United Kingdom, Germany and more.   The Lego Store   sells all of it’s Lego products, where you can find individual Legos, or kits itself.       You can find most of these stores in your local shopping malls.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Team Member / Associate: You’re going to be responsible for helping guests with their purchase, as well as answering any questions that they may have.   You will help customers ring their order up at the cash register, as well as make sure that the store remains in a clean fashion.   The average wage is $7 to $9 a hour.

Inventory:   Working in the backroom, you’re going to assist with unloading trucks, stocking shelves as well as make sure that all inventory is in tip top shape.   If any problems arise with the inventory, you’ll be required to bring it back to corporate.   You’ll also assist associates with any issues that they may have with the inventory.   The average wage for a backroom stock associate can run anywhere from $7 to as much as $9 per hour.

Assistant Manager / Supervisor: As a supervisor, you will watch over the shift, where you will help assign tasks, maintain the employees, as well as make sure that everyone is performing their duties at 100%.   You will also assist the main manager with any duties that they need help with.   The average supervisor wage is $9+ a hour.

Store Manager:   The store manager will oversee all activity in the store.   You’re going to be in charge of making sure that the store opens up on time as well as make sure that its closed down properly as well.   You’re going to complete many of the tasks that the other associates complete as well.   The average wage for a store manager will start at $28,000 per year.

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Benefits are going to vary, depending on what position that you hold.   You will want to discuss your benefit options with your hiring manager.

How to apply

To apply for a job at the Lego Store itself, you will find that you can apply in tore, where you can request an application.   You can also search for job openings online as well by following this link.   Via that link, you will find that there are many corporate jobs there are as well.


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