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History of Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Neil and Mary Beth Van Uum opened the first Joseph-Beth store in Lexington, Kentucky in November 1986. The innovative bookstore began with 37,000 titles in a 6,500 square foot space. This space soon proved itself insufficient, so plans were made to move to a new location. Expansion and restoration, and today, the 40,000 square foot bookstore, located in the very heart of the Mall at Lexington Green, offers customers with two stories of books and sidelines, expanded music and children’s departments, and a full service restaurant overlooking the Lexington Green Lake. Unlike more traditional bookshops and large chain outlets, the store draws in natural light, making it feel bright and airy, surely bringing some assistance to the crowds of customers.

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The company is gearing up for a new year of new growth. In the spring of 2005, a 28,000 square foot store will open in the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC. This expensive mall is the premiere shopping destination for the Carolinas. In the fall of 2005, a recently expanded, 30,000 square foot location for the Davis-Kidd Nashville store is set to open in the fashionable Green Hills Mall. These areas are already admired destinations for residents, visitors, professionals and university students and they at Joseph-Beth look onward to offering all of them a exclusive and memorable shopping experience.

Nowadays, the Joseph-Beth Group is one of the nation’s strongest and most wealthy independent bookselling companies.

Job Description/Average Wage

Marketing Manager: Support the work of the bookseller and the profit goals of the store throughout the planning and execution of marketing programs. Manage the activities of the store marketing department through the creation, planning and implementation of advertising, promotional events, sales analysis, bookseller training, publisher, customer and media relations, and community involvement. The position’s average wage is $50,000 to $107,000 a year.

Assistant Manager: Supports the General Manager in meeting the stores human resources, merchandising and financial goals although assisting and guiding the day by day activities of the booksellers. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities you will perform.

  • Manages a team of booksellers, which comprises the distribution of information, the establishment of work priorities and encouragement of team building.
  • Participate in the performance assessment of all team members.
  • Trains booksellers and serves as an information resource for both employees and customers.
  • Handles hard or sensitive customer issues.
  • Opens and closes store.
  • Must acquire excellent leadership skills.
  • Completes assorted operational projects as assigned by the General Manager.
  • Must be extremely motivated self-starter and decision producer.

Your average wage will be from $37,000 to $55,000 a year.

Office Manager: Candidate will supply logistical support in all store operating functions to help in meeting the stores financial goals. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities you will perform.

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  • Handle paperwork preparation, cash reconciliation, check totals and daily cash register totals.
  • Commune and work well with service center personnel.
  • Work with the mail and with preparing communication for marketing, operations, inventory control, store and café management, and the store trainer.
  • Ordering for a variety of areas.
  • Perform weekly inventory and ordering of office and floor supplies and bags.

The annual salary for this position is   $34,000-$70,000.

Bookseller: This position will provide the maximum level of customer service both externally and internally in the Bookselling industry and to sustain the financial and merchandising goals of the store. The primary duties and responsibilities of the Bookseller focus on serving the customer in an efficient, friendly and knowledgeable manner, taking responsibility for helping the customer, prioritizing issues quickly and instinctively. The Bookseller must be able to be organized, be reliable and act in a professional manner. He/She or she will be able to prioritize duties, make choices rapidly and achieve several tasks successively and precisely.

The average wage for this job is $7 — $12 a hour.

How to apply

If you want to apply for the job, or for the other available jobs they offer, you may visit them at their website and read further instructions on how you will apply for the position you desired.


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