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History of Hobby Lobby

Founded back in 1972, Hobby Lobby today is one of the biggest privately held retail chains that focus on arts, and crafts.   With more than 450 stores located in more than 35 states, the Hobby Lobby has more than 18,000 employees.   Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the unique thing about Hobby Lobby is that they don’t rely on barcode scanning.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Stocker / Inventory: As a stocker, you will work in the back room, as well as the main floor.   You will accept shipments from trucks, and bring most of the items to the floor.   You will stock it, help price it, as well as make sure that everything is organized.     While on the floor, you will also assist customers with any questions that they may have.   The average wage is $7 to $11 a hour.

Lead Cashier: You will work in the front of the store, where you will ring up customers as they come up to the front.   You will process returns, accept coupons, as well as ensure that the customers found everything okay.   You will also bag items, as well as help clean in the downtime.   The average pay is $7 to $11 a hour.

Sales Clerk: You will work on the floor, where you will help keep things organized, help assist customers, as well as help those stock shelves, and assist customers with any questions that they may have.   The average wage is around $8 to $11 a hour.

Department Supervisor: As a supervisor, you’re going to watch over the entire department.   You’re going to be in charge of assigning tasks, helping with tasks, as well as making sure that all the employees are doing their job to the best of their ability.   You will also assist the other managers with any other duties that they need help with.   The average wage is anywhere from $8 to $10 a hour.

Cashier: A cashier is going to work the front of the store.   You’re going to handle all transactions that come through the door.   You’re going to help handling cash, credit card transactions and more.   The cashier is also going to accept coupons, help customers with their purchases, as well as make sure that they are satisfied before leaving.   The average wage is $7 to $9 a hour.

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Assistant Manager: The assistant manager is going to run the entire store along side with the main store manager.   You’re going to be in charge of helping with opening, closing, as well as making sure that all the employees are doing his/her job the right way.   You will also assist all employees with any various task that they need help with.   Thea average wage is anyhwere from $10 to $15 a hour.


  • Great health package that includes health, vision and more.
  • Great advancement potential within the company.
  • Discount on items.
  • Closed on all Sundays, and more…

How to apply

Currently, you can’t apply for a job online.   They ask that you request a job application in store.   You can find a local location near you by using this link.   Contact the store manager to request a job application.



    • I’m really disappointed that I was not able to do a job application on line. I have been told that was the way to apply. I will try going to the closest store for an application.

    • I am looking for a job as cashier and recently found out you will be opening up a store in Lakeland, Fl. I live in Lakeland and would very much like to work for thiscompany. The opportunities they have are what I am looking forward to finding.

      Can anyone reply as to how I can apply for a job at the Lakeland store?

      I look forward to hearing from you guys!

      Thank you for your consideration.

      Judith Allen

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