Hickory Farms Job Application

History of Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms is founded by Richard Ransom 60 in a farm country of Ohio. He/She started the company by selling hand cut cheeses at local home shows became a hit and now the hallmark of the company. Then this was followed with Beef Summer Sausage and Tasty mustards and crackers. In 1959, Hickory Farms was expanding and opened its first retail store outside Ohio and so Hickory Farms stores then are found throughout the country.

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Job Description/Wage Averages

Area Supervisors: This is a full time seasonal leadership positions supervising 5-8 kiosk locations. This person will do managerial job, must communicate with the team, must organize training of new employees and must see to it that people are working according to the company’s goals, procedures and practices.

Store Team Leaders: This person leads the people in the particular store he is assigned. He/She oversees the activities of the store as well as the performance of the team. He/She takes charge the utilization of the financial and personnel resources of the team for the attainment of company goals. He/She receives an hourly rate of $11 to $13.  

Sales Associates/Sampler: This person sets a friendly atmosphere in the store and must enjoy customers and be willing to sample our products to customers. He/She is the key player in generating sales and in attaining the satisfaction of the customers. His hourly rate ranges $7 to $8.

Stocks Associates: This position has the following responsibilities: drive sales  to achieve personal and store goals; serve as an expert on product knowledge to provide exceptional customer service; assist in merchandising, display maintenance, and visual changes  according  to company standards; motivate and lead great teams using frequent and honest communication; plan and execute merchandise displays.

Store Manager: The store manager oversees the entire activities of the store. He/She is involved in planning and executing strategies to drive sales and improve employee performance. He/she is responsible for the overall operations, sales and profitability of the store. The store Manager must see to it the company policies and procedures are adhered by the team. He/she must keep an open mind when dealing with customer and employee issues and must always ensure customer satisfaction. The annual salary ranges $76k to $84k.

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The benefit package offered by the company varies from one position to another; hence, if you want to know more on this, you may check on the location store near you or the company’s website.

How to Apply

If you are interested about the joining the company’s team, you may check on this page to apply online: http://www.hickoryfarms.com/_employment

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