Gymboree Job Application

History of Gymboree

Founded back in 1976, this retail chain can be found in most shopping malls.   You’re going to find that they primarily focus on kid’s / children’s clothing.   Today they have over 900 stores located throughout the United States, as well as Canada, and Mexico.   You can find them on the NASDAQ under the symbol, “GYMB”

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Job Description / Average Wage

Sales Team Member: You’re going to be responsible for helping customers with their purchase.   You will stock clothing, as well as make sure that the store is cleaned in a timely fashion.   You will generally answer to the main store manager as well as any leads.   You’ll also be in charge of making sure that the department is stocked at all times. The average wage for this job is $8 to $10 a hour.

Sales Lead / Assistant Manager: You’re going to lead the sales team when the main manager isn’t in the store.   You will process paperwork, as well as help open up, as well as close down the shop.   You will also assign tasks to the employees.   Your average wage will range from $9 to $14 a hour.

Merchandiser:   Working in the back of the store, you’ll help with unloading the truck, organizing boxes as well as unpack them.   Any boxes that come in will have to be unpacked and price marked accordingly.   If there are any problems with the merchandise, it will have to be sent back to the corporate headquarters.   You’ll also assist the associates on the main floor with any problems that they may have.   The average wage is $8 to $11 a hour.

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Store Manager: As the store manager, you’re going to work, and run the store.   You will answer to corporate, if anything goes wrong.   You will assign schedules, as well as make sure that the store is running at 100%.   You will also do many of the jobs that the sales members do.   The average wage starts around $32,000 a year.


  • A medical package that includes dental, vision and more.
  • Paid time off for personal days, as well as holidays.
  • Great 401(K) savings plan.
  • Get funds for approved educational programs.
  • Store discounts
  • Bonuses, and so much more…

How to apply

If you want to apply for a job, they ask that you apply in store.   If you don’t want to go to the store to get an application, you can print out a printable   application here as well.

>> Download Gymboree Job Application


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